Ever waste weed?

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  1. When i first started to smoke, i would have a nice size roach(inch or so) and throw it out because of afraid to get caught...did this a couple of times...

    the first time i was really baked, i sorta freaked and just went to bed...i look back and wish i stayed up

    any other stories?
  2. about the third time i smoked i rolled a fat j outta a 1/8 i got and thought i saw a ufo. looking back im not really sure what i saw. : /
  3. once i smoked a massive 4 gram blunt by myself and only finished about half of it, so i put it in a ziplock and started to walk home when suddenly i hear police sirens. i see the police go right by me then slow down and stop about 100 metres in front of me.Me being so high was thinking, HOLY SHIT THERE GONNA JUMP OUT OF THE CAR AND TACKLE ME AS SOON AS I WALK BY THEM!!!!. so i drop the 2 gram blunt and just keep walking. the cops apparently were just stopping someone who was speeding. soon as i got home i decided to go back and get it, but when i got there it was gone!!!!.
  4. first time ever getting high off of some dank i bought an 1/8 smoked about half of it out of a homemade piece and freaked out and threw the rest in my neighbors yard... surprised a plant never sprouted
  5. i have another one to add to this..

    One time i just picked up one of the nicest buds i ever got...well i went to the park to smoke a couple of bowls, it was a clear night with no breeze at all....well i get about 2 bowls ready(one in the bowl, and some on a piece of paper near me) and as soon as i get ready to smoke, a gust of wind came by and blew both bowls away...i was pissed non the less...but i said whatever and i went home to get more buds, instead, i just smoked in my room...sad thing is, it only took 2 bowls to get me feeling great, so that 2 bowls that were lost could of added hours onto my high...
  6. one time i was baked and got the munchies so me and my friends went to wendys and i was the only person with money and i got a chicken sandwich. my friends were staring at it with watering mouthes so i put a bunch of weed on it and acted like it was the greatest sandwich ever. it taisted like shit hahaha
  7. The only time I really wasted weed was when I first started smoking. I was never too sure when it was beat, so I would end up dumping it way before it actually was. Luckily that only lasted for a few days.
  8. Wasting weed is like killing a unicorn dude, you just don't do that shit
  9. So true... Man, now I smoke a bowl till it don't glow at all and there's no smoke coming out of it :p
  10. Why? :confused:

    I coughed half a bowl out of a pipe before. That's the only thing I can really think of.
  11. I have, I like smoking joints but i only get about a half of an eight each week, and i cant roll joint for shit so i wasted so much weed smoking outta joints, I think ill stay to the pipe :smoking:

    Toke happily
    ~~~ Pharaoh
  12. back in the day me and my friend took his dads tobacco pipe and put it in a water bottle to make a rigged ass bong..well it got us realy fucked up and he went to load a bowl ( i was holding the bong) and i held up the top of the water bottle instead of the pipe lol (neither of us realized) so he put like a gram of bud into the bong water lol..we dried it and smoked it..and had just got an oz anyways so it wasnt that bad..
  13. never let a cop search you if you have weed or something unless he has a warrent then the cop has no right to search
  14. way back in the day, i was at my buddys house, with another friend.. we had got some amazing chronic. "cali chronic" whatever it was amazing. anyway we packed a bowl and were running outside. because we figured running is quieter (sp?) right? wrong.

    anyway we get to our spot and look at the bowl and the weed was gone. obv. running and a bowl packed into a shitty water bottle bong dont mix. so we wake and baked the rest of the bag and went and got chinese food.
  15. One time a buddy and I had got a fat deal on 5/8ths of weed for 150 bucks, so we smoked blunt after blunt, then decided to go to his grandma's house to make pot cookies (because she was put of town)
    I'm sure we wasted a good eighth of weed in these cookies, and we were so high when we baked them that there were little bits of flour in the cookies. Needless to say we brought them to a football game at our highschool, and handed them out to a couple people we knew, and it got them skull ripped

  16. your use and terminology confuses me??
  17. this happend to my youngbull it was like 1 a.m pitch black outside we on my mans car chillin my younggbull rollin up his weed a bus comes pass btw now hes in between the car and the buss then i hear yoooo i see him looking on the floor with his phone out using it for light to see where his weed went we laughed at him for like 10 mins because we were all blazed

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