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Ever wanted to raise your tolerance?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by xDS, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. I mean I love to get stoned but it isn't for every occasion like I would pack .4-.5 in a blunt of some mids and get fucked up. I like to go to school high and I have about .2-.3 of some weed left over that I'm going to save for September for school and I'm scared I'm gonna be fucked up. I'm still gonna do it though lol.

    Anyone else ever felt the same?
  2. No. Smoke less.......
  3. Maybe if I was loaded with cash and I could just face blunts all day, but i've never wanted my tolerance to get higher. I wouldn't mind getting blazed off of only a little bit of weed, if only I could still do that, haha.
  4. I used to get smacked off one bowl and I could feel I after my first hit but now It takes me 2 or 3 bowls to get real high
  5. So your gonna save that weed instead of just buying another bag? How old are you exactly?

    Anyway when i was in high school i wanted a higher tolerance. Used to be a freshman smoking with the juniors and seniors. Came back from lunch eyes *****y as fuck. The only thing i could do was like grin and stare. That was a regular occurence for me. Even went to football practice super high. But eventually my tolerance sky rocketed. And i learned that its better to just smoke less then to smoke more. IF there facing a blunt and you feel like your done just say it. NObodies gonna make you hit it. There just gonna be like okay. Plus most people think its a good thing when you know when to stop. Turning it down makes you look smarter and more mature. I mean if you wanna smoke more do so. But don't give a fuck what they think just because you don't.
  6. workin on lowerin mine rite now..

    so no i wouldnt want to raise it.
  7. i respect people like you so much. i have some of the most active stoner friends who no matter what will offer me bud, even if i claim i don't want it, and tell me to keep smoking even if i'm stoned. sometimes i just say, "yo, man. i'm fucking good. i don't want anymore". i have a few other friends who do the same. makes people recognize your independence
  8. if i wanted to get less high i would smoke less, if i wanted to smoke more, i would smoke cigarettes. but i am not dumb enough to dart, and i smoke weed till i am as high as i want to be.
  9. After I finished school and got a decent job and can afford to buy a half a week at least it really didn't matter where my tolerance was, as I could just smoke whenever I wanted to.

    So ya, if you want to raise your tolerance wait until you have a job.
  10. This one has it. Rather than wish you could spend more money, just say Thanks, I've had enough (for now). :smoke:
  11. you're saving 0.2 grams of mids for the month of september?

    do you buy your weed with spare change? :smoke:
  12. #12 jsplasha, Aug 5, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 15, 2016
    Ya WTF.
  13. I once knew a guy that knew a guy that had a brother who had a son that did this and died.:cool:
  14. I'm happy to have a high tolerance. I don't get too stoned from a bowl, I get "just right."
  15. This reminds me of the office with Dwight. "I can raise and lower my cholesterol at will." "Why would you want to raise it?"

    "So I can lower it again."

    : D
  16. I want my tolerance lower right meow ahaha
  17. I wanted to raise my tolerance when I first started out because I didn't want to look like a bitch in front of everyone coughing like a motherfucker after 2 hits.

    But now my tolerance is oober high and it sucks.

    If your tolerance is low, try to keep it that way.
  18. Well when i become rich, I'll smoke blunts alllll day in my brand new blacked out 7 series. Then when I go home I'll hit the bong and my vape. All my weed will be the dankest of the dank also. So my tolerance will be through the roof..

  19. Haha, I remember this. If I mix my pot with my booze I still end up like that.

    A bit of tolerance is good. I like to be able to smoke a bowl and be good. When I first started smoking, my friends packed a bowl with a ton of kief on top and I had greens. I took one hit, and I actually fell over. They didn't let me have greens, until I'd built up some tolerance.

    The fact that tolerance breaks exist though is reason enough to not want to build it up. Everyone I've ever talked to that has built up a high tolerance has been jealous of me. Guess I just have a lot of reasonable stoner friends.
  20. What is the point of smoking weed if you don't want to get high?

    You have a good tolerance, just smoke less.

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