ever wanted to kill you're gf's ex?

Discussion in 'General' started by Lucifer Sam, May 8, 2003.

  1. yeah, so i'm having a serious conversation with my girlfriend about our relationship, and out of nowhere her fucking Ex boyfriend comes on the phone and starts talking to me. And it's not like its an ordinary ex. Her and me started seeing each other while they were going out, which wasnt so bad because they weren't exclusive. Well she dumps him for me and we start dating, exclusively. After 2 months she dumps me and tells me shes still in love with him. A couple weeks later things between them completely fall apart, big surprise. So some time goes by and we start seeing each other again. That was all 6 months ago. So naturally I'm pissed off about the phone call. Yeah so anyway she calls me back and asks whats wrong with me. Whats wrong with me? So now on top of this she's gunna pretend theres nothing wrong with this situation. Oh, did i mention her parents arent home? This whole week has been shit on top of shit. fuck it all, and no weed.
  2. fuck dude.. I'd kick that bitch to the curb and tell her to start walking.. *Slap* If I had but a rose..... Girls are evil! All they want is your man juce.... Except for Hempress.. :)

    You need to find you a SANE woman.... I'll toke wit ya to help your sorrow....
  3. Oh I forgot to state that it looks like all she is doing is causing trouble... maybe she wants you and the ex to squab! I'd kick his ass and then tell her to walk...
  4. Sounds to me like she is acting immature. You need to find you a lil older G/F. that could make your life a lil better!
  5. If she was seeing you while she was with him, she's no good dude trust me. She might have been tellin you that they weren't exclusive but I bet she was telling him different. And now she's doin the same shit with you, girls like that aint worth your time or heartbreak.
  6. Yes! *In my most drunken Nahavo Indian voice* Tiny Tim make good point! Peace pipe?
  7. I got my lil black book of names and when the time comes im going to start crossing them out lol.jk i wouldnt do a thing like that.......................or would I.........hmmmmmmmmmmmm peace

    that makes no sense lol
  8. You're first mistake was to take that bitch back, pretty pathetic move there. Have some self-respect and get rid of her ASAP and you're problems will be solved.
  9. haha..... just move on and dump her streight up!

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