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Ever Wanna Smoke A Blunt So Bad That You....

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by HellsHippie, Aug 10, 2014.

  1. Ever wanna smoke a blunt so bad that you smoked blunt roaches instead of smoking fresh weed from ya bag? lol...I know theres less THC in blunts n all...But damn it just feels so relaxing to blaze a blunt..Also that taste too!!..The proper loud in the right cigar/rello is bad ass dude.

  2. Probably because you're getting addicted to the nicotine in blunts.
  3. ^^^^^^^

    Nature. Fuck yeeh.
  4. you think soo bro?...damn never thought of it that way!!!!!!!! daaaaaaaaaaamn!!!
  5. He's right. No other possible way of putting it. Lay off the blunts for a month or two, and pace yourself after that.
  6. It just feels so relaxing...when I smoke bowls it feels like Im smoking crack ....Guess i just gotta break myself of it..But I mean I live in the hood no other way of putting it..everybody comes to my house to chill and all of um roll blunts constantly...So be hard to turn that down bro!! ahaha for real!
  7. Just remember man. You're addicted. If that isn't enough to stop you, it'll take its course.
  8. I feel like I am at a beavis and butthead convention when I venture into threads like this.
  9. I think you should just start smoking cigarettes and develope cancer faster so you can kill yourself.

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  10. hey its hellshippie!! i remember your prison stories from a looonnngg time ago, that shit was pure gold brotha lmao, hows it going?
  11. ^ ya man legendary stories.
  12. Its going goood man just started doing youtube videos again :)....I missed my GC brethren for sure!
  13. But I dont like ciggarettes...Tried um...Taste aweful and hurts to smoke...I mean ya only live once...Your not promised tomorrow .Could get hit by a bus who knows..So I live everyday to the fullest..If a blunt makes me feel more chill then fuck it Im smoking it.I could turn it down and die the next day!! that would suck dude!!..Id miss out on a good blunt!
  14. Damn straight.  When a man wants a blunt, he will smoke the fucking blunt.
  15. Feel the same way with joints,only after I smoke em I regret it

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  16. bruh fuck all these people tryna talk shit on blunts... blunts are by far the best way to smoke

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