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Ever vaped shwagg?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Wiggy1138, Aug 6, 2008.

  1. Well I tried it for the very first time. I had two different kinds. I had one was very viney and seemed to be wild. I vaped that and my heart started beating real fast. I felt like I was going to freak out. So I went on a walk. what can make you feel that way after vaping?
  2. yyyyyuuuuuuup. The taste is alright, but you need a lot of it because the bowl is almost immediately cashed. I think I get better vape hits off of already-vaped-danks than I do off of shwagg.
  3. I like vaping shwag if I get a good deal on it. It lets you take advantage of the THC without inhaling all the nastyness.

    I vape it just like dank but use alot more. Of course, it also doesn't taste as good.
  4. yup, and then I make firecrackers with the vaped works out nicely
  5. The first time I hit a volcano was a bag full of schwag vapor at a Vendors booth at AllGood Festival. I knew by the taste it was schwag, but I didn't care, I was psyched for the free hit out of a Volcano, as I'd never hit one yet.
  6. Yuppers, and while not as tasty it works well. I just make sure to pack my whip up a good amount more than usual just not too tight. It will get you pretty baked if its at least decent shwag. Taste is meh but it isnt that bad. So if vaping shwag, I recommend you pack a good amount and take long consistant pulls , but thats just my personal preferance.:smoking:
  7. thats why you dont vaper anything bong it or blunt it ... the only way to go:hello:
  8. whenever i smoke, my heart always beats hard and fast. i don't view it as a negative thing really. its kinda like a trance-techno beat. your heart is just the rhythm that is your existence.
  9. Yuck. Tell me how your lungs feel after smoking an eighth of shwag. With my vape, I can turn that eighth into a clean bag of vapor that's almost as smooth as air.

    With my tolerance being what it is, I need to smoke about an eighth of shwag to get my medicine. I'd probably be dead by now if I smoked all the shwag that I vape.
  10. You need to do some research on vaporizing. It's cleaner, healthier, and the high is seemingly better. The only reason he felt so 'crazy' was because it was shwagg. Shwagg would do that even if smoked... You would also have a chance of your chest feeling like an elephant is sitting on it, too. Vape over anything!

    I just don't have the money to get a vaperizor so I'll stick with bowls and J's for now. :)
  11. thanks for everyones input. I would rather vape it then put it in a bong. it is alot of extra work b/c that stuff goes fast and tastes like pencil shavings. it wasa cheap though so I can't complain.
  12. very true.
  13. i dont mean to sound like a dick but it seems like theres a lot of kids who cant handle their shit, and its only weed....i cant imagine what some of these people are like on acid
  14. dude, I'm almost 30. I know what you mean though. don't give a person acid if they are really fucked up on swagg. It made my heart start pumping fast thats what freaked me out.
  15. Lol. That's cause there's more leftover THC in the already vaped dank than there is in the untouched schwagg :D.

    Buy The Dank!!
  16. incorrect. vaping any weed gives me a more head high than normal..probably from sucking in and out from that big azz volcano bag

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