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Ever used Urban Dictionary to figure out what the fuck your dealer is saying?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Ginger Pants, Jan 25, 2011.

  1. Now I've been toking for 11 years. I consider myself seasoned. But I'm still learning new things all the time and I swear I just got a text from my dealer/brother-in-law and used urban dictionary to learn what "getting some loud" meant. Now I'm excited because I learned it means high grade grass! lol anyone else utilizing this modern marvel?
  2. nah i just ask waht he said

    urban dictionary is like
    7 times out of ten wrong.
  3. YES! One of my dealers is a hood type, and I always have it on my computer when I text him. Such a great tool.
  4. Urban Dictionary, further destroying the amero-english language. Aaaah dont you love sounding like a dumbass, while also, being one too ;) hahahaha jk... i cant really dis on it, me and my friends have a vocabulary of words you wouldnt find anywhere but exuding from our own mouths.
  5. It's amazing how many terms are out there having to do with smoking weed, storing weed, and strains of weed. Chances are, new ones will never stop appearing :)
  6. I've used it to figure out what his friends were saying lol

  7. Yeah but most of the time, reading the weird shit they put as definitions out loud is enough make me laugh.

  8. Just have to ask, how can something where you can submit word and your own meanings of them be wrong... they are made up for the definition they are in place for anyway, its ALL wrong....
  9. no i mean, what your looking for, dont find usualy, or its about something
    completely different.
    i think its awsome to have it

    just..destroys language.
    english is already fucked and hard enough to learn!!
    now we gotta learn 10,000different definitions for one fucking thing.
    and then still have more on top of that.
  10. I hate how i'm seen as uncool and uptight 'cause i prefer proper grammer and 'classic' words for want of a better term.

    Like, shit i spent 7 years studying English.. i'm not gonna just disregard all of that 'cause some kid came up with some new crazy word.

    Try making up a word and slipping it into conversation.. you'll see how quickly people start using it, even if they only know the context and not the meaning. We just hate being embarrassed as humans, so admitting to not knowing this cool new word is just out the question. Its really quite sad. :(
  11. classic english makes more sense anyway.
  12. That's like telling somebody who invented something that that something is different and wrong from other somethings...How can it be wrong if it's made up slang?
  13. already explained myself

  14. #14 kannabiskid, Jan 25, 2011
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2011
    I could not decifer the message, "W0rD iS b0rn !" for the life of me.
    Urban dictionary helped me out... I admitted it too.

    "I just had to go online to translate whatever the fuck you just said to me, but yes, it IS very exciting news" lmao
  15. Gotcha. Missed that one. Still...

  16. Right there. Had no idea, looked it up, now I can say lol that's stupid.
  17. if you have to use the urban dictionary then you should get out more :p

  18. Urban Dictionary isn't destroying the English language. The people who come up with the words are. UD is just cataloging it so people who have no idea what the hell they're talking about can find out what they're saying.

    If they choose to use it themselves, well that's their fault. Not UD's.
  19. ...come on man.
    no need to be SO literal with me, shit

    i would obviously be an idiot to believe a website
    could destroy a spoken language.

    still plays a part tho
  20. haha funny. i really hate when people describe weed by loud

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