Ever use a greenhouse in the winter?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Grow Journals' started by 3Deez, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. has anyone ever used a green house to grow in during the winter months? The climate I live in gets down into the mid 40's at the coldest with an occasional dip into the lower 30s. Will a portable greenhouse get me through the winter with a small outdoor grow?
  2. It's not only a matter or temps, but also the amount of light you get each day. I don't think the light during the winter months is enough to sustain a grow.
  3. I didnt think about that:eek:...what if I veg inside and adjust them to outdoor for flower?
  4. then why wouldn't you just finish inside?

    MJ is a tough plant and can grow under some crazy conditions...but it's optimal conditions are temps of 70+

    Growing in the winter is easier inside IMO, depepnding on where you live, they charge less for electricity and temps aren't really an issue
  5. I have a small grow box inside and I also have a healthy mother who can put out alot of clones for me. She grows out of control sometimes and I end up pruning and throwing alot of cuttings out. I wanted to experiment with some outdoor stuff this winter, to include some veggies from my garden. I wanted to grow some items in global buckets...so I was wondering if I use a greenhouse set up, if it would work out for me. We dont get slammed with super cold weather in the winter here so I want to check this out. What I wonder though, is will the green house be able to absorb and store heat that will sustain during the night when the temps dip down into the low 40s/high 30s?
  6. Yeah I mean looking at the path of the sun during winter and building accordingly you could most def keep something going outdoors... Might be $$$ unless you're handy with a hammer
  7. I was thinking of going with some wooden frame parts and opaque plastic. The thing I need to figure out though is how the green house manages to hold heat? Would I need to fully enclose the structure to include the bottom?

    Its all really experimental so I guess its worth a shot.

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