Ever try this?

Discussion in 'General' started by expandingeye, May 11, 2011.

  1. Homemade double percolation. First: get a bong,
    second: some herb. :devious:
    thrid, or third: (and here's the finale) put some water in your mouth, just a small amount. and hit your bong and you can totally use the water in your mouth to percolate also. You just have to kind of suck the smoke in a way you feel it going through the water. :D

    Edit:spit water after.
  2. hhahahahahaha dude you get rep.
  3. Yes.

    I got AIDS three days later.
  4. hm interesting , maybe ill ahve to try it but mine will be a tripe perc then:smoke:
  5. Don't drown.
  6. naw im aquaman with this seaweed son!
  7. Sounds like a good way to choke
  8. Here's a better idea: Don't be cheap and get a triple action percolator bong.

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