Ever try smoking somthing kinda stupid?

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  1. I had just made one of my infameous home-made bongs making use of a Rose's drink flavoring botle, a Bic pen, and some Craftsmen glass drill bits. I had nothing "good" to smoke to try her out, so I found some mint leaves I had hanging around to dry for a purpose I had long ago forgotten about. Crumpled them up, they crumbled. I packed a bowl, light it, smoked it. Didn't feel anything from it, but it tasted really nice and was pretty smoothe.

    Have you ever smoked somthing other than.... what most people would consider smoking? What? Why? With who? How was it?
  2. I got my little cousin to smoke coffee grounds rolled up in computer paper once. We were just kids. He coughed for a long time.
  3. Tipped a j with mint once, to see how it tasted without contaminating much weed.
    It was kinda cool for the first hit or two, then the mint aftertaste didn't really linger as well. Right about then I hit the weed, so it was ok. :)
  4. I tried smoking instant coffee out of my bong once.....

    bad idea. it wasnt kinda stupid, it was reaallly stupid:(
  5. I wouldn't deface my bong like that but if it was homemade fuck it, I'd smoke mint out of it or I would call a friend that always has weed and tell him to come over.
  6. One time a few friends and I got really bored at college and decided to be pioneers and find something new to smoke and get high because we didn't have any weed or money. It seemed like a great idea when one of my friends said "lets smoke smarties! We'll get a huge sugar rush!" (smarties are a hard little candy that turns to powder pretty easily) He has a big bag of smarties so we decided to smash some up with a little hammer and put them in a small cigar. The first cigar lit but you couldn't really hit it because the sugar melted and pretty much sealed up the end. So i smashed up a few and mixed the smarties with a little tobacco and it burnt pretty well, but it tasted horrible. Just thinking of that aftertaste make me want to throw up... it was almost as bad as firecrackers.. blah :laughing:
  7. I once rolled up and smoked some chicken in a rolling paper as a laugh.

    It actually wasn't that bad; just tasted like barbequed chicken.
  8. i smoked a rolled up peice of paper out of a light bulb vape. wow, it was so bad lol.
  9. I was in my car and it was filled with some of my friends, we had been blazing and hotboxing the car throughout the day and i had these incent cones, and 2 of my friends and I tricked my friend into smoking an incent cone.

    We all put our faces near it and pretended to smoke it and he completly bought it.
  10. crack. lol NOT (yea I have a lame sense of humor)
  11. i actually have tried smoking crack...im always down for trying new stuff..but its a once and done thing
  12. Aww. Crack's bad. I've smoked incense on numerous occasions. Usually to test out homade bongs... yeah, I'm not the brightest knife in the drawer. Heh.
  13. i rolled up dried chili seeds with some tabacco
    i recomend not trying it
    burns like hell
  14. That is one of the oddest thing I have ever heard.

    I'm not a big smoker, all I let touch my lungs is THC and air.
  15. salt. seriosly. we were playing 4-kings and it came up. dont do it. lol
  16. haha. When I was younger I was out of bud, I was probally 13. No lie, I took an "opium" scented incense stick, rolled it in a zig zag, and tried to smoke it.

    Coughing up purple smoke for 30 minutes sucked.
  17. I tried smoking green tea before when I had to be sober for a DT. I was going crazy and looking everywhere for things that would give you a "buzz." I stumbled across a board that said green tea... green tea doesn't work.
  18. I smoked a catnip joint once just to see what it was like. I didn't feel anything from it but it didn't taste that bad.
  19. never tried it though, smoking your own hair. I heard that whatever drug is wasted overtime in the body usually stays in your own hair strains or some shit like that whatever.
  20. i was drinking with friends and we wanted bud so they packed my bubbler with parsley and i smoked that thinking it was bud. later on they threw some banana peels into the mix with the parsley and told me it was banana kush, so i sparked a bowl of that. haha

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