ever try bringing groceries home on a motorcycle? i did.

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    biggest failure i've ever done, i need saddlebags.

    i hung a bag of groceries full of some canned goods off my handle bars as the drive was only a quarter mile, i make a sharp left out of a parking lot and the whole bag opened up, spilling my precious cans of corn, green beans, and a jar of prego sauce.

    i literally had to pull over and pick up my canned goods off the median in shame, the road was stained with sharp chunks of glass and prego red sauce and bad decisions, the cans were so crushed and dented i got home and my mom was like "OH YOU FOUND THE CANS ON THE CLEARENCE RACK?" "no mom that was just the ride home, the prego didn't make it"

    god dammit.
  2. .....no fucking shit lolol its not a bicycle
  3. .........................
  4. Haha man that sucks
  5. Pretty bad experience, glad you didn't get hurt though!
    Bring a backpack and don't buy much.
    Most i could carry all at once was 2 gallons of milk and a loaf of bread.
  6. Lol Ive seen it done before some guy tried riding off with 2 bags hanging off his jacket from his back, as soon as he accelerated the bags ripped open and smahshed the car behind him. He took off of course but not before picking up his carton of cigs and trying to stuff as many he could down his pockets
  7. damn man that sucks, at least you didnt lose more. do you live downtown? i did for a while and i always dreaded grocery shopping, had to take the train down one stop to a jewel cuz it was the closest. sucked going up and down stairs and being on the subway with a bunch of grocerys. oh well though thats city life for ya!
  8. you couldn't walk a quarter mile?
    goddamn you're lazy as fuck.
  9. Yeah when I was in North Thailand, It's not very fun.
  10. seeking attention again i see?:cool:
  11. My buddy jist got a harley he takes a bak pack with em every where he goes
  12. Lmfao thats funny. Atleast get a backpack to throw the food in m8 haha!
  13. lol backpack son backpack!
  14. Put your chit in backpack op?

    Or yeah, get some bags that strap to the seat
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9KqXFhRxybE]Dora-Backpack song - YouTube[/ame]
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