Ever tripped balls?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Tokes-Like-Bull, Jun 7, 2006.

  1. So yea... it wa a couple weeks ago i toked a nice juicy jay watermelon. Went to see a movie, having a good trip, got back. Toked another, then things turned ugly. Paranoia up the wazoo started getting me to trip balls.... i ended up talking to myself for an hour about cops and how i was fucked... i hate those paranoia trips, make u have a bad time
  2. hmmm, well i've never talked to myself before

    soo i guess that is a no
  3. my friend, weed does not make you go crazy, or really trip balls. at least, i've never talked to myself uncontrollably because of reefer alone.
  4. I was walking back to my car after hotboxing my buddies car when I see a k-9 unit parked right next to me. I figured i'll just hop in and bone out but as soon as I got within 10 feet of the police car I hear a dog barking repeditively. I got so scared and started walking faster down the street so they didnt think the car was mine. I walked into carl's jr, ate, then walked back and he was STILL there, by now i figured i aired out so i got in my car and drove as legal as possible.
  5. times like that make you TRY to act "legal" but when you try to act extra careful, something ALWAYS slips and gets you caught. lol it always plays out for me like this.
  6. ya ive tripped balls on a sugar cube dosed with 4 hits of acid
  7. never really tripped from weed, but have you tryed juicy jays cottoncandy? those taste so good:smoking:.
  8. yes ... not for a while though ... I used to have good trips ... but that only happens when I'm at home chillin with friends ... When I'm out and about and trip I normally get sick ... I think it's all in my head though but I'll get really hot and nauseous and then I can't see straight and well it's a bad situation ... I hope that never happens again!!!
  9. Only while heavily intoxicated via alcohol

  10. yes. stoned and drunk is a different type of beast than being stoned or drunk
  11. yeah u definitely don't trip at all on weed, but u could have delusions such as thinking the cops were out to get u. one time i thought there was a tennis ball under my couch and i was looking for it for like 20 minutes but there was never a tennis ball.

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