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ever tried this ,lol.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hippie john, Apr 2, 2003.

  1. I love that! I just went to the dentist yesterday and they numded my whole face and go ready to pull my tooth but then realized I was the wrong person who was only there for a cleaning!:) lol As soon as i got home i smoked 2 bowls and fell asleep on the floor:)
  2. OMG, Critter, Hope you had plenty of pain pills or did the tokin' take care of the pain? been there...the pain of the bill is way worse than any pain the dentist could inflict!
  3. Hey hippie john, before the first shot, I'd be asking why just for a are way more trusting of dentists than me!!!! For all your trouble and the scare, they should, at least, owe ya several free hookups to the nitris oxide !! LOL
  4. lol!:)
    Hate gettin teeth pulled :/ so bloody
  5. I've never tried it. I just like to go to sleep when my face in numb. Drinking is very difficult, so I would figure toking would be as well. Oh well, I'll try it one day.
  6. Sounds like fun to me.. I never hit the bong but I smoked a couple joints.. lol It still feels funny though!
  7. i tried it once, but it was a joint and my mouth was all puffed up and wett so it fucke dup the joint :(
  8. I had my face numbed for my root canal, but I didn't smoke afterward b/c I was with my ex who made me quit weed at the time....but I tried to eat later and almost bit a piece of my cheek out...that was very painful later :p
  9. i hit the bong them minute i got home from wisdom teeth being pulled, i used a mirror after the first few failed attemps of not knowing if its on my face or not..... mirros work wonders! and are trippy to look at:)
  10. critter,critter,critter...ya must surely been on some mighty painkillers
    *now as a wierd knowin trivia lil trivia dude that i am,SUCKING ONA BONG WAS THE WORST POSSIBLE THING YA COULDA DONE!.lol :D

  11. Dentists are fuckin scamming bastards. When I got my wisdom teeth pulled out it costed like 300 per tooth. Can you believe that shit? Over a grand for some damn teeth. And they didn't even give me any teeth,

  12. Once the shot went in I asked what it was for and he said it was for a cavity or somethin, and I told him i was there for a cleaning. he tried to act like It was the computerss fault:lol
  13. Wow, I've never had to have any teeth pulled... My Wisdom teeth grew in and fit in there fine! :) But if I ever have to have any teeth pulled, I'll remember that.. It would prbably be pretty cool, considering you can't feel most of your mouth at the time; You'd probably be able to take some huge hits!
  14. I have this one tooth that should be pulled, but I'm starting to like it;
    When I was in elementary school, I lost one of my baby teeth, but the new one didn't grow in until I was naturally, the teeth on either side kinda grew together so when the new tooth grew in there wasn't any room for it. So it's way higher up than all of my other teeth and you can only see it if I smile wide

    My dentist told me I should have it removed, but I don't feel like it
  15. you get really really stoned before you go into the office to get your tooth pulled that way you get maximum effect. thats what i did,talk about floating :)
  16. whoa, i have smoked without teeth but never right after they were taken out, i cant even drink after they numb my face, let alone hit a bong
  17. Dude! No suction on an open wound in your mouth! Can cause a dry socket, which I hear is worse than a softball bat to the jaw! Get someone to blow you some shotguns! I plan on that if the friggin oral surgeon can get me in. If he makes me wait 2 weeks, I'll be hitting him up for more pain med, fer sure

  18. yeah i heard that, It was worth the risk, and i came out fine. just dont be taking monster rips or nothing, joints would be bad too have to suck hard....
  19. It's not worth the risk, you just got lucky. Dry sockets equal bawling like a baby.

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