Ever tried Peyote

Discussion in 'General' started by Digit, Jun 24, 2003.


Have you ever tried Peyote?

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  1. I need advice on Peyote.

    anyone ever tried it?

    how do ya consume it from the cacti.

    really need some help soon because a friend of mine is getting some within the week. and neither of us really have much a clue.
  2. >>Peyote, a small cactus (Lophophora williamsii), provides one of the oldest known drugs. Peyote produces hallucinations by means of the ingredient mescaline, though several other compounds in peyote may also contribute to the effects of the drug. Peyote is most often ingested in the form of ground up powder made from the dried cactus, but it can also be found as an alcohol-based, liquid extract. Mescaline can be synthesized as well

    I was going to mention something in that other thread, but I dont feel like looking for it...so here goes what I know..

    when I was understood what I was taking, it was peyote aka mescaline. it came to me in capsul form. two of my friends wanted to spilt a trip, so they broke open the capsul, divided the ground powder up, and dissolved it in a glass of water, both to drink their share.
    do you know what kind of form you are getting it in?

    edit, you did say cacti..Ive never seen it in an unprepared form....

  3. Black cactus.... the way your supposed to do it is.... up root the whole plant....making sure to keep roots attached.... remove nodes from roots and re-plant (to further the growing, why waste a good cacti)

    the way i've heard it...... they do it that way so it doesn't die..... im not sure if im correct, i've just seen the finish product.....

    peyote is something you have to be seriouslly mentally prepared for...depending on the amount.....

    i would like to try the natural stuff because any mesc you get is always processed and leaves you feeling nasty...
  4. Digit u a lucky fuck, that shit is so hard to get as it only grows in Mexico thats why if i can get hold of it in Miami then im defietley gonna do it. How did ya m8 get it?
  5. haven't tried it, but would really like to someday...i can't even get a good source in this town for weed, let alone shrooms, so getting peyote would be a legendary experience, one in which tales would be written by those involved, and history changed forever.
  6. he ordered it online somewhere... i'l find out from where for ya sometime

    u might be able to find it from a link on erowid.
  7. that would be sweeeet :D
  8. it's to risky to order that kinda stuff off the net, i don't wanna get fucked if they seize it and see my address on it. Fuck it theres plenty other types of stuff around here,

  9. Grow your own shrooms, kits can be bought for virtually nothing and spore prints are cheap and easy to obtain (and in many place legal).

    If you're in the US though many companies won't ship.

    Hallucinagenic cacti can be grown too (see below).



    It's not necessary to dig up Peyote at all. To collect peyote the button should be cleanly cut just above the ground. Where this cut is made new buttons will eventually form on the same root structure. Peyote take fucking forever to grow!


    There are some guide to preparing Peyote in the depths of Erowid so you answered your own question.

    Cacti Preparation & Extraction Simple Guide

    Take it from me, like any mescaline extraction from any cacti (that contains the pertinent chems) it is hot, timeconsuming and smelly.

    The final product is worth the effort though.

    It's worth noting though that San Pedro is a cactus available in many garden centres, has a phenominal growth rate (for a cacti) and also contains mescaline. It's a much smaller quantity of mesc than in Peyote but this just means you have to use more to extract it, this is where the growth rate i mentioned before is important!!

    Enjoy the 12 hours of fun and trip safe.

  10. thnx sooo much sureshot. i couldnt find that when i was there looking.

    totally loved it when in the first paragraph it says....
    "Only a few of the most well-connected psychonauts have had the pleasure of meeting this teacher. ;)"

    "psychonauts" THAT IS SUCH A BRILLIANT TERM! thats what i am! i've longed for a word that would adequetly sum it up. psychonaut. yeah. i really dig that.

    ps. just got high from super heating my old bowl and using it like a vapo. ;) now where'd that thread go? hmmm. :D

  11. I'm guessing this is the term the trip hop/beats combo The Psychonauts are named after!

    That makes Time Machine an even better record in my opinion!!!

  12. your friend probably ordered san pedro cactus, which is not the same as peyote.
  13. hey I was just wondering if anyone knew if there are any side effects and or long term effects of peyote?
  14. I don't think I'd go as far as peyote (even though it's a natural drug like cannabis, and shrooms). What exactly do you do with it? smoke, eat, wear it on your head? I've seen buttons before and I don't know anybody who's done peyote or admit to it. If it's a plant drug it shouldn't be hard to get a hold of. I'll stick to weed for now.

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