Ever throw up during hotbox session?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by solidsessionss, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. I took theee biggest bong hit ive ever taken and the entire car was filled with smoke so i blow out coughing like crazy then i start to gag because i was coughing so hard and i couldnt breathe with all that smoke in there and i didnt want to open the car door or window because we had sooooo much smoke in there and i would just spoil it if i opened the door so i just kept coughing because i was breathing in smoke smoke and more smoke. so finally i feel it coming im like fuck fuck then i open the car door and just puke my guts out. one of the girls that was in the back seat was like nope...opened the door and took off...i guess shes scared of puke, well yeah i wouldnt want to get puked on but she was in the back seat and i was in the drivers and she gets out and runs away? hahaha so one of my buddies had to go get her by this time im fine im like fuck that sucked guys im sorry then i explained that i couldnt get any fresh air yadda yadda yadda. so i was just wondering if any of you guys have had the same kind of experince or just couldnt breathe some fresh air when you needed it and spewed.

    btw im really stoned i just took all the keif out of my grinder from last night....wow:smoke:
  2. you threw up from the huge bong hit
  3. Never thrown up from weed before, but I've had some close calls.

    Was hotboxing with some friends one night and we had this awesome 3 foot custom blown zong going around and one full rip of that had me coughing my fucking brains out, and being in a box didn't help either. It made me feel like complete shit, probably the closest I've come to yakking from a rip.
  4. I threw up from a bong hit. I made a misjudgment and cashed the entire bowl in one hit. Not only could I not clear the chamber, but it felt like I had swallowed razors and hurt for about an hour. That got me coughing so hard that I threw up. Fun times. I felt so bad for wasting it. I stay away from bongs for now.

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