Ever thought of this... well it worked and i didnt get caught!!

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by fuckstemsdude2, May 7, 2010.

  1. was caught in the cituation where i was baked wayyyy out of my mind with no money stairing at a packed cvs on a gameday so my friend looks at me in the face you get when your high and your about to share your idea youve thought about for the past hour and a half well yeaa this was it. we all just went for it we ran in the store stuffed our pockets and hands/socks what ever and ran alll the way to the stadium dying laughing, best thing ever was when i look down and i have a 2 liter 6 bags of chips and a gallon of icecream. im serious try it there to busy to act. the most fucked up part was my friend stole my phone and video taped it hahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha. once i came down a little i was like duuuuude how could i forget visine.. it was all good the next day i cruise in there like a ran it bought my fucking visine.
  2. ooooooooooooooooook?
  3. i don't belive in stealing but that's hilarious lol.
  4. You're so cool dude...
  5. your the filth dragging the next generation down mother fucker. Get your act together so someday you might graduate.
  6. awesome.

    yet another thing i have to live down every time i have to defend my toking.

    thanks a lot for that. what are you 14?
  7. So you robbed a fucking CVS, real cool man, we're all just in awe. people like you are the reason why so many people hate weed...
  8. Nobody gets more mad then me when people come around screaming 'you aren't 18, theres no way!!!' But most people that steal, in my experience are in middle school/early highschool who want to feel like a badass.

    But you aren't.
  9. i dont understand
  10. Aside from what this user said, bad karma dude, bad karma.
  11. best of luck with your future
  12. OP grow up, rethink your life, then come back and post an intelligent topic. Not trying to be mean, but damn dude, this topic is completely immature.

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