Ever thought music was a soundtrack to your life?

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  1. Lately the last couple of times I've been high, when I come back to my room and am just chilling with friends or am at a party, whatever music is playing gets much louder (or I just pay more attention to it while I'm high) and I relate anything that's going on to the tone and rhythm of the music. Like if it's an upbeat, good vibe song I relate it to my surroundings and my feelings. Vice-versa for lack of better words, a bad song.

    Maybe I just pay really close attention to music when I'm blazed, which I don't see anything wrong with, but I have no idea what makes me relate it to myself or my surrounding, lol.

    Anybody else ever have this mindset when blazed?
  2. ha, yeah

    I listen to some shitty songs when I'm high and they turn into a collaboration of the most amazing sounds I've ever heard :smoke:
  3. i wouldnt want to live without music :smoking:
  4. this song is my motha fuckin shit!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I Love College - Asher Roth
    [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=erIs98Z5dn0"]YouTube - Asher Roth - I Love College (HIGH QUALITY)[/ame]

    im not really sure how to post videos...??? i hoope this works
  5. i totally connect with music when im high. first thing i do after i blaze is throw on something to listen to
  6. what happens with me is that I often find my life in sync with whatever music I'm listening to, blazed or not. If I'm just getting off the bus, a new verse of the song with different instruments will come on, or I find myself at class just as the last song ends.

    Alot of other stuff, some even crazier than that. Maybe its just me subconcsiously connectin the dots but seriously it happens to alot of people.

    Just one of the magics of music and life I suppose :smoke:
  7. ^^ same thing happens to me...constantly. i take the trolley to school so i am on there for about 15 mins or so and everytime, no matter what, the soundtrack always is dictated by what seems to be going on around me. it is pretty surreal most of the time, but i always find mysef in these situations.
  8. YEA! That is exactly how I feel as well. I was @ my friend JJ's house last night, so blazed... and my ipod which was on shuffle, started playing some of my sister's old Hilary Duff music, which I havent hardly touched since like two summers ago. Despite the fact that I really don't much care for her music anymore, I was so tuned into one of the more neutral beats of the song that I did not notice that a song I don't normally like was playing. Until my friend Eric (also high) was like, turn that shit off! Lol. Like two mins after the song started tho :smoking:
  9. You guys explained it very well. That's more so what I notice when I'm blazed.. when I'm sober though I don't think I listen as closely to the music.. the lyrics, the beat.. Music is just amazing when your blazed!

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