Ever thought about giving your Dealer rolls of Quarters as payment???

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by dr3ski420, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. Lmao just a random high thought :GarciaVegaSmokin:
    How would you think your Dealer would react?

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  2. One of my old dealers would just say no.
    Another one of my dealers would accept as long as its the ammount.
    Another one would just accept the shit and say no more after this. So yeah.. money is money?
  3. Sure, if you're willing to count it out in front of me. Now who looks dumb?
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  4. Nice

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  5. My dealer got mad that my twenties were crumpled up. I dont think paying in change would make him happy.

    Though it would be funny as fuck to buy a full oz in change. Hed probly never sell to you again

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  6. I've done it before, but usually I'm nice enough to go get my change exchanged into dollars if I need to do that. 
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  7. I make sure they have laundry to do soon and usually they don't mind.
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  8. fuck that, never burn the connect. especially if he or she is a good one​
  9. I bought a gram with two rolls of quarters i stole from my mom once when i was still a wee tadpole.
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  10. ive had a dealer that accepted all ones and shit, but rolls of quarters cmon? At least have the courtesy to go to a godamn coinstar or something lol.
  11. I know a kid who has rools of quarters and he would just trade the rolls for bills and distribute those. Sent from my SCH-I535 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  12. No. I have enough decency to attempt to not look like a junky by spending one extra minute shopping at any gas station to exchange it for a bill.
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  13. Seems kinda tacky.

    Maybe as a last resort and my boy said it was all good don't trip. :confused_2:
  14. Lol i've given a ziplock back full of quarters for a dub before. he just said never agian lol
  15. haha i used to accept it all the time, money is money, more coins for beach parking aha. as long as its there and they waited so i could count it, no worries man.
  16. why?? youre just putting the work of turning it into paper money onto them. seems kinda shitty, like you don't value their time. disrespect lol depends how much youre buying, too, i guess, and if you're actually desperate or not. maybe they'll pity u.
  17. I bought in eighth in quarters a couple years ago. It wasn't even a roll of them, they were all together in a big ass bag. Took me forever to count those fuckers Sent from my iPod touch using Grasscity Forum
  18. haha I once tried to pay in like 10 bucks in quarters, he laughed and asked for the real money :(
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    So the trick is to take some rools, exchange them for bills and then distribute those? Interesting...
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  20. Step 1.   graduate highschool
    Step 2.  go to bank
    step 3.   remove head from ass
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