Ever take a shot down the wrong "tube"?

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  1. God damn it burns. I just took a shot of everclear and I choked on it. My chest is on fire. Alcohol is despicable but great at the same time. My brain is fucked.:wave:
  2. everclear down the wrong pipe? :bolt:
  3. ouch

    water hurts bad enough going down the wind pipe
  4. Kid next door to me at university drinks it straight, I can't hang like that :D
  5. LOL man why are you drinking everclear anyway.

    I got a bottle of white wine, some nice beers and a 24 oz can of budweiser for later ;)

    And whatever left over goes to the dogs...jk!

    my friend said he'll be coming over later on to help me finish this!
  6. Still burning, goddamn. This shit is evil.

  7. I can't handle the taste of wine, definitely better than everclear, though. My sister might have cancer, my dog is very old, I'm allergic to weed. On top of that, I probably failed my recent college exams. Gotta be grateful for what I have, I suppose.
  8. Everclear down the wrong pipe sounds so fucking brutal.

    I was drinking dry gin (40%) with a friend a few years back and I said something he apparently found really funny just as he took his shot. He shot it out his nose. I can't imagine how bad that was for him
  9. 151. bricks were shit. well no a fiery evil stream of hatefulness were shit but yea i drink beer now

  10. when I read this I just started rubbing my nose for 30-45 seconds...his poor nose! :(
  11. Dude his face looked so wrecked haha. His eyes were red as shit and his nose got all runny. It had to have sucked hard

    But being drunk at the time is was fucking hilarious when it happened
  12. I've never aspirated alcohol. I have, however, shot Jameson out my nose-definitely in the top-10 least pleasant thing I've ever experienced.
  13. Still coughing from it:eek::
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    I took a shot of hosay quervo (sp?). Burned like hell so i coughed and it went down the wrong pipe. I was tearing up and coughing and my stomach felt like it was on fire.
    That stuff is death in a bottle. My friend did a shot too and he threw up right after lol.
  15. Holy shit man you got balls if your taking shots of everclear!
  16. You can start your car with everclear.
    That being said, its the best bang for your buck outside of moonshine. Every night i decide to drink everclear i end up getting way more than i bargained for.
  17. everclear = suicide
  18. So this just happened with my friend and I didn’t know what to do. I had some success through trial and error and since this was one of the fist search results I found I decide to post my solution here. Make a warm/hot washcloth and have them hold it over their face. Change it every few minutes so you can wash out their snot and give them some fresh moist air to breath in. There is no doubt about it that it is a pile of suck and they should expect to feel like shit for at least an hour. Every breath will hurt and there is not much you can do to get the alchol out of their lungs. However the warm washcloth helped a lot and made them feel much more comfortable. Still don’t expect them to keep with the party and they may cough and puke everywhere without being drunk. Give them some good comfort, water and the warm washcloth.

  19. OP is 7 years old I don't think they need help anymore lol

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