Ever swim high?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by CaptainAwsum, Aug 21, 2008.

  1. haha okay so on the last day of school me and my friends got a bunch of green
    we went to my friends apartment complex and we lighted it up
    which was hard with all the people watching and we had to borrow a lighter
    haha anyways we went to the apartment pool where people were
    and we couldnt stop laughing and we started telling each other
    "dude one at a time so we dont drown" hahahahahaha
    but we were stupid and forgot and all went in at one time
    it felt so good for like an hour and we played marco polo
    which was gay with people watching us..we were so obvious hahaha
    then the water made our high go away faster so we left
    thats pretty much it haha how about u guys??
  2. yea i been in a pool high it sucks dick unless the pool is heated then its chill but the reall shit is swimming while ur rollin i went into my freinds pool when i was on 4 bombs and i rolled face it felt like swimming in jello lol
  3. I swim high and on DXM, each and every stroke I made in the pool was orgasmic.
  4. i fucking wish!!!

    and at the same time not.

    water is tricky man.
  5. haha i was talking to my friend about this, he said that he tried before and almost drowned haha. i think if i tired id just sink ;D
  6. i like it

    for me it's peaceful and i guess if it's a cold pool you might spend a lot of time arguing who goes in the cold water first to test it out

    it's mellow though
    it did make my high go away though which sucked
  7. haha yeah
    i like swimming but
    u kno it does drain ur high
  8. Haha I have a heated pool that's around 86-89 degrees at any given moment, it's the official hangout for stoners in my area
  9. Yeah, I got a very nice pool setup in my yard. Very nicely landscaped, etc. My pools temperature is usually 83-84 degrees F so it makes for a very nice time lol. I usually start swimming when the sun goes down though so I dont get sunburnt or anything its pretty relaxing.
  10. It'd be cool if nobody else was in the pool and it was completely serene. Itd be a total buzz kill if there were a bunch of ppl fuckin around tho.
  11. Swimming is one of my absolute favourite things to do high. I have a pool at my house, and I love it. Swimming is one of the most important things in my life, right up there with music. Its the closest you'll likely ever get to space. being in a weightless environment is awesome. That's why I'm going to invest in underwater gear for my ipod, so I can listen to music underwater. That would be a trip:smoke:
  12. Word.
  13. really big rope swing+ weed is where its at :D
  14. i have a river right by my house, with a rope swing, jumping places and a huge grass area to chill.. its private and the owners let me and my bddies swim there.. best place to smoke.. ill put some pics up one day..

    but almost on a daily basis ( depending on surf) i just blazed everyday. best feeling... hands down
  15. i go cliff jumping all summer is fucking so intense! haha
    some cliffs and bridges and shit we jump off is so high we need to wear shoes or else our feet will split! or something haha its so much fun tho.. i love being in water when im high or anytime really, its so relaxing.

    the jumping part isnt relaxing tho! haha
  16. swim on acid and where goggles, now that my friends is SICK :)
  17. The last time I tried to swim wihle high I couldn't handle the mechanics of actually swimming so just collapsed half on/half off of a raft and then ended up puking my guts out
    but then i felt awesome again =)

  18. this is what i must do before i die
  19. imagine if it was 83-84 degreed C, you know how many hardboiled eggs you could make out of that

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