Ever spill something on yourself...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by hummercash, Feb 24, 2004.

  1. cuz i just did. smoked a fat j out in my garage by myself, came in, made popcorn, went to get in bed and BAM... dumped the bowl of popcorn all over my head when i went to lay down. i guess my arm that was holding the popcorn bowl decided not to bend when my body went from vertical to horizontal. haha.

  2. i cant tell you how many phones ive ruined, u put em between ur head and ur shoulder and forget next thing u kno u try to take a sip of soda and ur pepsis all over you adn ther person on the phone is going hello hello are you there hello
  3. lol i was at my friends and was drinking applejuice out of the bottle (i didnt even realize it, my friend got pissed) and just missed my lips when i sent for a sip. all over my lap and the floor
  4. LMAO, thats funny
  5. was stoned the other day, drinking coke at the computer slipped straight out my hand, shards of glass and coke everywhere...
  6. yesterday i smoke 2 blunt with a homie, and when i got home, got me a glass of milk... but when i had it on my hand, i saw it fall slowmotion on to my lap... i was like shit is falling, and aint shit i can do.... that shit was a trip tho...lol..latezz..
  7. I spill shit on myself all the time. I am the biggest clutz when i'm high. So far ice cream, water, ash, shake, weed, toothpaste, the list goes on.
    I should make an effort never to handle any liquids when stoned. heh.
  8. I spill shit all the time too! On me, on the floor...doesn't matter. I'm kind of accident prone. It's a joke now with my friends. If I go a whole night without spilling something, breaking something, hurting myself or falling down...then there's something wrong in the universe! :D
  9. i've spilled drinks on myself on numerous occasions while stoned.. you're not the only one lol
  10. Hahahahahahaha, this post is fucking hilarious.

    I cant remember any recent spills. But last summer I went camping in northern california and we were soaking our feet in a cold spring... We were all very high from some dank cali bud/hash.

    All of a sudden my brother and cousin start yelling "Nanunanunanunanu!"

    And I was so confused i jumped into the spring... Then they started laughing and said they were yelling "Camera!"

    The camera was slowly falling out one of the backpacks, and there was a super small chance it could have tumbled into the water...

  11. lmao, "nanunanunanu" {Hmm, I'm confused at their words...pherhaps I should take a swim..?} lol
    I get confused like that sometimes too... I just can't understand peoples words sometimes.

    Me and my friend were out driving, and we stopped up at a gas station to get some water for his bong. We smoked a couple bowls there, and got the munchies so he gave me $5 to get him something too, and as I was getting out of the car, I didn't open the door all the way, and the bong hit the window (which I thought was open), and I spilled it all on my lap. When I went in, I forgot what it was for, so I pretended to be looking at the stuff on the shelves to buy time and saw a bag of chips, grabbed that, then noticing I had more money than I thought, I bought a new lighter and some zigzag and a coke. And when I went to the counter, I paid for the stuff while getting weird looks, and then when she gave me the change, I said 'Oh, this is for the gas' and handed (dropped/tossed) it to the counter (yea, all the change went chinging all over the place! lol)...
    I forgot about it when I went in, but when I came out I remembered the bong water I spilled all over my pants (it looked like I pissed myself), and thought 'shit, I come here all the time, and now they think I piss myself!', then I thought 'well, maybe they could smell that it was bong water? and I'm okay...?'
    My freind forgot what he gave me the money for too... I told him it was for the gas (which is what I thought, but we didn't get any).
    And so off we went, lol

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