Ever smoked with a murderer?? (not on purpose though)

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  1. Ive smoked with a murderer,(not on purpose though).
    He picked me and my buddy up from the mall and we had been chillin with him and this other kid for a few months.
    So he picks us up and we drive around smoking for a few hours:smoking: and then he drops this other kid that was with us off.
    Then he asked if i want a ride home because he was my next door neighbor(sp?)
    so i said yea and he drops me and my buddy off at my house and goes next door to his house.
    A half hour later, me and my buddy are smoking weed and i hear siriens and see cop cars coming down my road and they pull in next door at the kids house and his girl comes out SCREAMING and flipping out,
    and then they bring the kid out in handcuffs, talked to both of them and then the police car that he was in drove off.
    this all took about an hour and the whole time, me and my buddy are smoking blunts peekin out the window like 20 feet from the whole thing.
    The cops ended up staying for mad long so me and my buddy went to bed.
    Turns out next day me and my buddy wake up and are smoking a bowl, i put on the news and the kids face is all over the news. ON EVERY CHANNEL. so i listen to the story,
    and apparently he went home and his baby girl (6 months old) was crying in her crib so he picks her up and she wont stop crying so he Throws her down into the crib and she hit her head on the top of the crib and DIES.:mad:
    Then his girl calls the cops, and thats where the story ends.:(
    True story, happend like 5 years back when i was alot younger and less mature
  2. Not knowingly but i might have. I have smoked with a couple sketchy people.
  3. Dude that is fucked.

    That is a crazy ass story man, I don't even have anything that can compare to that.
  4. thats fucked up.
  5. i know, and i kinda represed it untill a few months ago when it surfaced, lol
  6. Eh a guy that killed his own mum, yeh. That's right, no lies.
  7. I've met and smoked with a whole lot of different people. There were atleast 2 I know who were convicted with good amounts of evidence of manslaughter or homicide. I always find out after I meet them or smoke with them the first time and never see them again.
  8. What a piece of shit that you smoked with OP :(
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    One of my former dealers killed a few people before. He used to deal with some really scary fuckers in MS 13 and the United Nations and he popped some of 'em when shit got out of hand on some of his deals, or when someone tried to rob him. Didn't believe him for years, until he asked me if I could help him tie some guy to a tree while he cut off his thumbs, and another time when he asked if I could help him get rid of a body. Fucker actually showed it to me. I had been putting up with similar but far less serious shit with him for years, and could have made a lot of money helping him with some of this shit (he offered me 1500$ to find and cut the dude's thumbs off myself, and that was a simple job). After that last thing, though, I didn't feel safe buying from him anymore. Probably a good thing I stopped, then, because before the year was out I heard from another one of his customers he got busted for all kinds of shit with one of the Bacon clansmen out in Surrey or Burnaby or something.
  10. Yes, I have.
  11. i know. he was a huge piece of shit, he just deserverd to get locked up for life and longer
  12. I've smoked with a lot of shady/crazy (no offense) etc. people but I don't think any were murders. Wouldn't surprise me though. That's a crazy story though man... That's horrible I couldn't imagine being in that family's situation (especially the boy). What he did was stupid but I doubt he was trying to kill her.
  13. dude what the FUCK is with your avatar?! change that shit man
  14. What are you, ten?
  15. Wow im surprised so many people have smoked with murderers
  16. ive smoked with a guy thats stabbed another guy in the leg, thats about it tho
  17. ^Haha, I smoked with a guy that stabbed himself in the leg. With a screwdriver, according to him. Crazy Québécois bastard....

  18. I actually will, everyone is freaking out over it for some reason. Its just a a half naked dude with somes guns and guitars. gosh
  19. I smoke with murderers on purpose.

    I like hearing their killing stories when I'm toasted. ;)

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