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Ever smoked the wrong end?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by NeRDxARCHON, Feb 3, 2014.

  1. Once, I was super high and went to hit my friend's chillum and put the wrong end to my lips and burned the fuck out of them? Has anyone else ever done this?Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  2. I've surprisingly done it with a joint.. Burnt my lips to fuck and it was agony to smoke, eat etc etc. Absolutely awful. haha.
  3. did it with a bong once, man did i feel silly...
    Do it with cigs all the time
  4. Never. Lol. When I'm high I just worry about weed and making sure I smoke it right lol. A few times when a joint gets low, I burn my fingers. But that's about it
  5. Done it with a PAX and every other goddamned thing I've ever smoked out of except a Bong...WTF dud? You're spilling it....
  6. ^ think it was a joke
    And ya on a blunt once, hurt like hell
  7. Probably 50 times in my lifetime so far.
  8. I haven't put this girl kept smoking her e-cig backwards numerous times on a night out, we had to keep reminding her  :lol:
  9. blunts get me all the time and the ash taste like shit
  10. Done it with a cig before
  11. marb lights+ night time= bad experience (for the record I dont smoke lights, if your going to smoke might as well go all out and hand roll some american spirits without a filter, best tobacco I know of)
  12. back in HS, me and my buds were seshing during lunch off campus and we convinced one of my buddies to smoke the roach backwards (cuz he was telling us how he saw it on youtube or something) or else we wouldn't let him in the car to drive back to school (we were JKing), lol well he did it and ended up swallowing some ash, burning his tongue and almost swallowing the roach
  13. nah, but I have lighter issues - once burned the thumb of my glove (it was real cold outside, like -15C, didn't want to freeze my hands) and thrice - my eyebrows.
    damn lighters -.-
  14. Close, I tried loading the wrong end of my One-hitter once.. Oh well it needed to be cleaned anyway hah

    Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  15. Never, but many of times lit the filter of a cig.
  16. Yeah i inhaled my chillum at the bowl end while lighting the mouthpiece and i sucked a bunch of half burnt/lit weed into my throat and it was just a nightmare. Burned my throat to hell and coughed for hours.

    Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  17. Once when I was younger I had just bought a Zippo lighter. I wanted to feel cool around my friends so naturally, I took every excuse to pull it out. So one day my friend (who I had a thing for) pulled out a J and asked for a light, so I got really exited and lit her joint.... then set her fringe on fire by accident.....
  18. lol i do it sometimes with stoges to nevr with anything else. ill put a stoge in my mouth nd get ready to spark it, nd then i realize its the wrong way. never done it with anything else nd never accually sparked it

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