Ever smoked something else other than weed in your bong?

Discussion in 'General' started by 420Jay, Sep 21, 2012.

  1. I do not mean unmentionables nor do I mean tobacco etc. I'm talking about something that shouldn't really be smoked..
  2. There's a reason that certain stuff shouldn't be smoked.
  3. I remember a guy on here claiming to have smoked a slug, not sure how reliable that is but I thought it'd be funny to see if anyone has done anything similar. I like the new avatar!

  4. That's absolutely disgusting....

  5. Yeah I saw that thread also, lol he was smoking and didn't notice a slug was near the bowl. haha.

    And thanks! I didn't like it at first but it's definitely growing on me, plus I think it's a bit less intimidating than the other one with sheldon giving us the "I'm smarter than you" stare.

    But our lungs don't have proper mechanisms to get rid of certain types of foreign particles. Pneumonia is caused when stuff that doesn't belong in your lungs gets in and they become infected.

    Smoking plant matter isn't really the best either, especially cigarettes, but it doesn't even compare to smoking sugars or fats (smoking fats can cause lipid pneumonia in the lungs).

    Although, smoking marijuana really isn't all that bad, especially in moderation. You're not gonna find tar and black lung in cannabis only smokers like you would in tobacco smokers.

  6. Agreed..

    And @subject I take care of my pieces so I don't smoke anything that isn't meant to be smoked in them. I used to take moke loads every once in awhile, but that was back in the day.
  7. tea. the chinese do it quite often. wouldnt recommend though. leaves a really nasty resin.

  8. Do you get anything out of it? Or is it just enjoyable to smoke?
  9. it was relaxing for a few minutes. not really worth it other than to partake in the act of smoking. of course i wasnt using uber fresh tea leaves like they do in china. and they usually do it in a hooka and i only had a tiny bowl. tasted pretty cool though. dont remember if it was smooth or not though. all i know is the resin fucking stinks. like really fucking bad.

  10. Hmmm I'm not a big fan of hookah (it just makes me want to smoke cigarettes again) but maybe I'll look into that..seems interesting.
  11. its really not worth it. but if you do it id suggest keeping it out of your bong and using a pipe designated for it. the resin will taint your weed.
  12. Once when i made a home-made bong and wanted to see if it was completely air-tight i packed in those little leaves that are on the bottom apples =p cuz I didn´t have any weed till that afternoon!
  13. I smoked green tea or other fresh tea leave when i quit smoking cigs and was on probo. It tasted nice and was fun to play with the thick really white smoke, but it does indeed leave a nasty resin.

  14. Yeah I definitely wouldn't risk a nicer piece on it.
  15. Ive smoked a bit of a plastic grinder tooth..

    put too much weed in someones plastic grinder the night before and I heard a 'crack' but was too stoned to care at the time, the next day it ended up in a bowl which tasted nasty haha :smoke:

    I freaked out a bit at first thinking wtf is this haha
  16. I've smoked herbal teas.
    Chamomile, rose petal, mint, lemongrass that type of stuff.
  17. I smoked rosemary...it was weird
  18. god im talkin soap, deoderant, old cheese??, u know, all that diff shit i thought was the reeeAall deaal if u know what im talkin bout??
  19. Just stems, dutch guts and calimus

  20. Because he said "not" unmentionables :p

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