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Ever Smoked a Tater?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Tokers' started by Coma Stoned, Nov 11, 2003.

  1. The other day Me and Three of my friends all had a fat sack like 3 quaters and a half. (Pay day)One of them said ey.... You ever smoked a tater? We had just smoked 2 Fat blunts (like a dime a Piece blunts) I was like naaa man whats that.... He Picks up a marker and goes watch.... He takes a Rolling paper and wraps it around the marker to were it was tight and Licked it on there... Then he Folded down a piece of the paper hanging off the end and then pulled off the paper.... Then he started breaking up what looked like a dime and nic.... real fine like and packed it down into the paper with a BiC Pen.... Took like 30 mins but it had to be the fatest joint ever and it smoked for ever and got us all riped.... Just wondering if thats one of his tricks or people do that all the time cuz i felt like it was a Great Great thing that everone must do.... Its like Packing a Philly Down.... I would post pics but i gotta Ask Santa for a Digi Camera for Christmas ya Know?
  2. personally, to roll a fat joint, i have a drumstick that i cut the little bulb at the end off. i just wrap the paper around that, taper it at one end, glue it, and let it take shape. then pack as much pot as i can into it, and seal off the other end. it owns. perfect bat shape. :D
  3. i would just roll a fatty..? alot faster if you know what your doing.

    after a bit of experience, youll be throwing an eighth into 2 or 3 papers in no time. all about practice. and lots of weed to practice with ;)
  4. I just roll a blunt if I want a real fat one.
  5. Fattys are always fun, because they last long.

    You may think I am weird but I start talking those really long joints that last forever, I start having a relationship with them. heh

    Can anybody relate to me?

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