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Ever smoke yourself straight?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by seeofgreen, Jul 18, 2003.

  1. Can't say in my 18 years on and off of smoking that i have.

    i will say that i past out 3 times and felt like i was drunk too mamy times when i first started out(to much of good smoke will do it to young lungs)

    How about you?
  2. i don't think I understand the question.
  3. I said the same thing?

    But back in the day some old schoolers told me that,i don't know how true it is so i asked.
  4. no, but i smoked my self retarted :)

    remeber you can smoke your self "straight" if your smokin the flesh bong ;)
  5. Smoking yourself Straight? I guess that means Smoking till you are Sober? I dont think it is Possible in one smoking session but I beleive i have and my friends swear the same. that after A while of smoking so much for so long ( like constant for 3 months) "By constant i mean just staying high all day" You lose the full High so you just take a break for a day sometimes longer but longer then a day seems like to damn long but you catch back up with your highness.... If I dont take a day off from smoking Swag just feels like a ciggrette. but if ya smoke just The good stuff i think its harder to smoke ya self sober.... Hope everone understands that.
  6. ya know, ive heard that be said before. usually, it's after smoking a shit load of flame, ya kno, where after ya smoke a lot, ya start losin ya high. i dunno if your relli losin it but more like either a)gettin so high ya think ya sober or b)ya high is startin to burn out. anyways, ive hit the point where ive smoke a lotta bud and wasn't as high as I expected and figured that this was it and felt sober.
  7. i hope thatll never happen :D

  8. exactly what i was gonna say.
  9. i guess i know what you mean. Ive smoked and then wondered if i was high, and then started thinking stupid things so i knew i was high.
  10. So i guess it happens to the smoke alot

    i forgot that i posted this till it came
  11. i think its possible, 1 night i just couldnt stop smokin and i didnt go more than 2 minutes without hitting a blunt or hitting the bong. by morning i fet sober...the weed was just like paper to me...actually i just mite of been really high and thought i was sober but i felt sober

  12. me too, cause If I did....

    :: stares at rumjil ::
  13. i've smoked myself sober many times, like on 420 this year i blazed a 2 gram blunt to my face, and in the middle i was toar back and by the end i was sober.
  14. I ve done it a couple of times but ive never drank myself straight

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