ever smoke with your pets?

Discussion in 'Pets' started by corey, Dec 4, 2001.

  1. I recently developed this mask you put on your pet called The Automatic Pet Smoking mask which allows you to blow hits to your pet without the waste: it you want to buy this mask send $14.95 to Dukes Friends p.o.box 132 So.St.Paul MN 55075
    free s/h
    see my ad in the February issue of High Times which comes out Dec.26

    Let me know if you know people who smoke with their pets?
  2. check the 'stoned pets' in the seasoned tokers section.........I wouldn't recomend going to all that trouble to do it though. Some pets really stress on it, some don't-if yer pet hates it you've wasted you're $$$$$.......oh and welcome to our fair city.....fire up and enjoy!!!!!

    Duh-I just now caught the 'I developed' part of that........sorry dude!!!
  3. Some animals seem to like it some dont. But when I was in college, this guy had a little blue parakeet that would go ape shit for a hit in the face. For cruel human fun, we would then take him out of his cage and let him fly around all messed up. Except he didnt fly to well. He had take off down pretty well...but no air lift. Personaly, my cats dont like the smell and I dont waste it on them.
  4. I blew my dog a shotgun and it freaked out.

    I figured since it had everything from a missing eye to sore hips that it would appreciate a hit, but apparently not.
  5. one of my freinds had this cat named toke. the cat loved to catch a buzz. whenever it seen us pick up our bag it would follow us out to the car to get st0ned. it loved to clam bake. God bless that cat.

    my iguana gets stoned too...but i dont think it gives a damn
  6. we used to smoke our dogs up. my dog personally didn't inhale much, so we blew it in his ears and mouth. he would get a little stoned, a little weird. one time he walked into the glass door. but that's about it. until this one time. my bro was making pot butter for spaghetti sauce and browinies. he brewed up a stick of butter and half an ounce, and left it to simmer awhile on the stove. pretty soon this unmistakble smell, only pot butter gives off, saturated the house. the parents didn't mind so much until my dog got into it. see, my bro in a fumbled state of mind, brought the pot butter upstairs to his room, to mix with the brownie stuff,and left it all there, the pot butter in a pyrex measuring cup. and i thought the dog needed to be left of the leash for a while (now i understand when my parents say they tie him upside for his own safety) little did i know the door to my brother's bedroom was open, because i was smart enough to close my own door to keep the dog from getting into my stash. well the next day, still having no idea the dog might have gotten into my brother's room where the pot butter might be, i arrived home with my friend, luckily we made this decision, because we were planning on going to the next town over for a while. no one else was home, as it was only 3 in the afternoon. only moments after walking through the door, i noticed my dog looked like he was covered in something sticky, his coat was all matted down and clumped to his skin. then it was apparant that my dog was shakinig badly. when i picked him up, he was covered in drool and throw-up, and he'd been peeing all over himself (sorry for the gory details). without hesitation, i wrapped him in a towl and tossed him and my friend in the car. we did 80 on back roads all the way to the vet's office, i cried out to my dog not to die. i gave him to the first lady i saw in the waiting room. he was gone in a second. i sat down and cried, my friend rubbed my back. hours later the vet came out and told us my dog had been sejuring (man i know that's not spelled right). the dog was sedated and resting. i went home, told my parents everything, and my brother came home just in time to hear the story. right away he checked his room and found a mess of brownie mix and buttery lick prints. not a trace of weed left. we phoned the vet with the info, and luckily didn't get turned in. from then on, i don't think i've ever smoked him or any other animal up, probably never will.
  7. One night I had a party and we made up some brownies, unfortunatly being stoned we left them in too long and they got a bit burnt! (hey it could happen to any of us!) we put them out anyway and people ate round the burnt bits then chucked them on the floor, It turns out my old dog Dusty developed quite a liking for burnt hash cakes and ate the lot!!
    He laid around staring at everyone walking past him then got up and ate two whole bowlfulls of food!! I gues no matter who or what you are, we all get the munchies!!!
  8. Hightimes won't run my ad, so does anyone have any advise on how to advertise my ad? everyone should write hightimes and tell them they should run my ad for the Automatic Pet Smoking Mask
  9. My cat has actually stuck his face in the bong. I assume he's smelling the smoke, and he keeps doing it so he must like it.

    I've caught him drinking whiskey too, he seems to like that as well.

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