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Ever smoke up a pet

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Jun 21, 2002.

  1. I blow smoke into my guinea pigs ear. He had the munchies 10 minutes later. My friend does it to his cat and the cat sleeps. He also did it to his dog. Have u ever gotten a pet high?
  2. i blew smoke from like 4 or 5 blunts on a catterpillar last 420.
    it just sat on my knee and looked around. i dont know if it was the weed or just being a bug. itd be kind of cruel( in my opinion) though to blow smoke on a small animal like that. thats so much smoke to a small animal. its just not nice
  3. You ever think maybe the guinea pig was just hungry, and didn't have the munchies? Or that the cat was just tired, cats sleep 18 hours of the day. Maybe they just seem to be acting strange because, YOU'RE stoned.
  4. You know what... I think im gonna try to get my dog stoned! Ill let you know how it goes.
  5. i've gotta a lot of cats & dogs high, its fun. All mamals can get stoned.
  6. My snakes are the most receptive to MaryJane. They come out when I smoke in their room and if I have them out of their tank then they seem to want to be as close to the smoke as possible. My cat digs it. She gets really vocal. The gecko hasn't shown any signs of ever being stoned. My hamster's a little freak so who knows if he ever gets high.

    My dog, my pride and joy, is a total square. He hates everything about MaryJane. When I break out my rollin' tray and get my weed all ready, he comes and huffs on it, like he's trying to blow it all away. He will jump in his big chair and lie down with his back to us while we get stoned. He gives us dirty looks and really gets mad when we blow smoke in his face. I just don't get it. He's been around it since he was 5 weeks old but has chosen to not be a stoner.

    At least he doesn't eat my weed. I have a friend whose dog munches his bags while he sleeps. You'd think he'd learn to put them up before he crashes but stupid people never learn those lessons in life that are the most important! Hide the weed from the dog!!!!!!
  7. i have a hedgehog.. (his name is Kronik) and we always clam baked him in his tank.. then we got him out and sat a joint in front of him and he ran right over to it an started sniffing the smoke off the cherry.. he seems to enjoy it.. haha

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  8. hellll yeah its fun as hell i got my ferret high as shit and it drank all its water in ten minutes and now when i walk by he puts his head up and sniffs. my dog also got ripped she is so mellow and nice when shes baked bad thing though they dont enjoy muck b/c i live in fuckin maryland and i pay a lot for weed.
  9. My hampsteris semi-albino, and has blood shot as fuck red eyes....It looks as if it was smoking hydro...I named it hydro but any ways it won't smoke any cheap shit it will sneeze so when i pull out my hydro Dro loves me to death. Its cage right now smells like hydro so should clean it.
    My boyfriends dog and my cousins dog smokes with us. They always make sure their near us if were at home smokeing. My DOG IS A BITCH...she refuses to smoke. MY pitbull used to come in my room and always get stoned. When your high and your pets high it's the funnist time in the world. HEHE
  10. i have 2 cats, sylvester and sarah..sylvester loves to blaze, while sarah will run away as soon as she smells the chronic.


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