Ever Smoke Out Your Parents Whip And Have Them Get Pulled Over And Searched?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Yonkaz, Sep 14, 2014.

  1. I would love to hear a story of this happening...."I swear officer its my dumbass stoner son's fault"

  2. She didn't get pulled over, but years ago I smoked out my mom's car, and she drove it with the windows down because I "made it smell like a skunk"

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  3. Nah but one time a friend of mine lost his pipe. I found it in the center counsel of my dad's truck like 3 months later.

    Got lucky on that one.
  4. Whilest on tweek&speed we rushed past the bridge guard and dad got a warrent since I threw away the ticket. Never again just got back
  5. No. Why would you smoke in your parents car? 
    There are a million and 1 better places to smoke. 
  6. Hell yeah, but it's basically my car, no one else drives it, but I have smoked out of her convertible lolz
  7. I know a guy who had a QP stashed in the glovebox and his mom borrowed the car while he was asleep and got popped....by the way quit driving your moms car you f'in losers!!!
  8. While driving? That shit would be too smooth...
  9. I borrowed my fathers car one time and while out one night buddy just lights up a joint without even thinking to ask me. Kicked his ass out so fast.

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