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Ever smoke JUST stems?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Tyro01, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So i smoked just stems the other day and it gave me the best head high i've ever head, it felt like my head was a different part of me floating around:laughing:! Lol it also gave me munchies up the sh*t too. I had four pop tarts, a bowl of cereal, nachos, a glass of milk, and a can of pop!

    So have you ever smoked JUST stems, and what are your experiences?

    EDIT: is this bad for me, and my little white tadpoles :) ?
  2. no i have not.
    i smoke weed
  3. I've tried smoking a bowl of stems and tried a stems only gb. neither tasted very good, and I only got a little buzz. but i didn't smoke a ton either, i couldn't deal with the taste. But i have heard of people getting ripped from stems.
  4. Tastes really bad, and for most people, not a very strong high. I have a friend who gets massive headaches if he's got even a couple stems in a bowl. It's not worth the annoyance.
  5. Im with u man,stems really get u high,i only tried it once but my friend was dry last month and he smoked stems all the time,so i think they work a lot.:smoke:
  6. yeah i usually just save my stems from a baggy and smoke them when im out. it sucks though, nasty taste and just a slight buzz
  7. Smoking the stems is just way too harsh for me to handle, and it didn't work at all for me.
  8. i chew on them sometimes. makes your tongue kinda numb its coo.

    but as far as smoking them they dont really affect me at all, i just toss them in with the weed. still tastes fantastic to me
  9. I've tried smoking stems once. Didn't really do shit other than taste very bad.

    God I need some weed really bad.

  10. yeah i do the same

    stems are more of a last resort
    when u finish ur sack
  11. i tried it once. tastes nasty and doesn't do anything.
  12. I smoked stems because I thought I was that desperate once, I wasn't; it tasted like smoking pine straw and I got zero buzz. I do like to chew on stems though.
  13. doesnt do anything for me
  14. If you smoke the stems from mids or schwag you wont get much buzz. My bro had some dank stuff and hates stems so i lit em up. It depends how good your bud was, good bud = good stems.
  15. i usually just pack the stems in the bowl if im not with other people...

    might as well, im not saving them for anything

    when im with other people i chew on them
  16. yea same here i usually choo my stems, it does make your tongue numb, and its almost like weed flavored gum:hello:
  17. I pack them in the bowl with my weed usually. My friends hate it but I'm just too lazy to tear it all up.
  18. have never tried JUST stems but from what I heard it's not really worth it unless you'ree desperate.
  19. I was at this point of desparation a week ago...I smoked like 2 bowls of stems and got stoned. It's still THC, it's all good...
  20. Back in the day me and a friend decided that seeds are part of the weed and thus will get u, a bowl full of seeds is a bad idea.

    i recently got into the habit of saving the stems for edibles.

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