Ever smoke a 5 pack?

Discussion in 'General' started by Moemedical, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. So I was smoking with 2 friends and they showed me what they called a "5 pack." One of them started rolling a blunt, I was thinking we were gonna smoke 5 blunts and I was totally cool with that. But after he finished it he pulls out a pair of scissors. Yes, scissors.✂️✂️ And he started chopping up the blunt (Warning: do not do this in the hood). So he took his 5 mini blunts and loaded them into a bowl so they were all vertical. It looked kind of like a revolver. You light it, and it's basically smoking 5 blunts at once through a bong. I thought it was ridiculous, maybe unnecessary, but of course I'm still gonna hit it:love-m3j: I got so high it was like middle school again lolol I went past the 4th dimension and into the 420th. And passed out, but it was indica to be fair.

    Has anybody ever heard of this?
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  2. Sounds weird AF I've heard of smoking full.blunts through a bong but never cutting them up
  3. I actully tried that shit in the hood once. almost got stabbed in the neck
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  4. Idk. Everyone I know from the hood loves doing this

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  5. :DMaybe I spoke too soon, but still make sure everyone around you knows that when the blunts getting rolled, it's getting chopped. Especially if they threw down cause that could be awkward

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