ever sit back and think about your life

Discussion in 'General' started by chuckiez, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. im just wondering if anyone else does like ill be in class and just think about how much shit ive been through compared to everyone else. im not gonna go into that but yea
  2. Everyday, and it sucks.

    I always think of all the negative and never the positive. Maybe if I had more positive I would but the only positive I have is weed and that turns into a negative. I have alot friends but I need some luck on the ladies :(. Thats only one problem.

    I hate thinking about my life because well, like I said, I think about the negative. My mistakes, my situations. It's a drag, so I need a drag.
  3. I do that shit all the time.

  4. Yup I just sit in my room sometimes and break down crying saying how no one has it worse than me and compare it to everyone else's lives

    Life is so fucking hard:cry:

  5. i dont cry about it but i think its funny that people act like they have it bad because they woke up late or some shit
  6. I like to think about how I got to where I am, and where I'm going with that. I never try to think of the negative because, as we all know, it sucks. Stay on the up-and-up and think about the good shit happening to you. If there isn't anything good, make something good happen!
  7. Don't lie you know you cry about it, worry about yourself and keep your head up instead of comparing your life to others
  8. I do all the time! Its been a wild crazy ride so far and I regret nothing :cool:
  9. lol, yeah... its ill.

    especially since its down to perception.

  10. Damn I'm not trying to interrupt. Yes when my mind wasn't very developed I cried but now i couldn't if i tried believe me it sucks I've become an "intelligent heartless critical thinking monster". Don't speak for others please. If little shit happens like getting in trouble or a friend is in trouble I'll be upset, although don't expect the same 3 hours later.
  11. yeah i do when i cant sleep some nights (aka no weed) i think about my life, but not bad shit but the positive stuff...i think how lucky i am to have this life when there are kids born under circumstances i feel i would never be able to handle.

    i also think like what if one of these kids got to have my life, how appreciative they would be at all the little small things i dont pay attention to

    i guess i got a lot of sympathy but i was blessed with such an easy life...

    thats why it pisses me off that people think their lives suck but they live in a free country and have a roof over their heads
  12. Oh I won't anymore but only if you stop speaking:)
  13. All the time, and for once it isn't so bad. I've had a great year so far, made some pretty decent moves in my life. I just hope it continues.
  14. all the time d00d im in college and idk where im goin with it, i think about it everyday. probly gonna switch majors..............i try to see myself in 10 years every day

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