Ever since I've done drugs. . .

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  1. I have realized my mind is an endless place of discovery and full of potential.

    Now you finish the sentence

  2. I've eaten a metric shit ton of ice cream
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    I learned that 28 grams make an ounce, and 4 ounces make a 1/4 pound.
  4. I feel enlightened
  5. .... i don't remember
  6. ever since ive done drugs...ive learned what life REALLY has to offer.
  7. I've funded worldwide terrorism

  8. lolol

  9. and ive found i dont give a flying fuck about what anyone thinks about me....(((not that i ever did,,,,ive just become a little more verbal about it)))
  10. I actually put an effort into school now, and my entire perspective on life has changed.
  11. all my pains & weakness has been lifted off my shoulders
  12. Ever since I've done drugs the whole world just chilled the fuck out.:smoke:
  13. Fuck the electricity bell...I have 12 candles and I've been waiting to burn dem' bitches!
  14. i've been tripped, yacked, gotten the nods, tweeked (on accident it was in some coke), and been twisted in so many ways it's not even funny.

    maybe it was at the time but not anymore
  15. I've seen more in a 6 hour trip than many have seen in their whole lives spent sober.
  16. isnt that the truth.
  17. i've wanted more drugs
  18. +rep into my sig
  19. I have been able to forget the little details of things that bother me and just focus on the big picture.. optimistically.
  20. Ever since I've done drugs I've found it very relaxing and enlightening to just lay in my bed baked and think about the universe.

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