Ever since I transplanted growth has stunted

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  1. I transplanted these two plants (WW and NL both feminized) from small jiffy pots to a 2 Gallon pot about a week ago. Growth has slowed substantially. Also noticed the white widow plant is really having a tough time, yellow leaves, extreme drooping. I thought it may be due to over watering as the catch basin had water in it for a long time (3 days) so i have not watered them for 3 days now. No improvements. I started today giving small amounts of water, about half a cup to a cup just to see if this helps. Before I was giving them on every second watering 1/4 the suggested nutrients of CaMg, and Biothrive. [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

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  2. Also these are at a month now from seed. Planted in coco.

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    400 W MH light on them in a 2.5'x2.5'x6 grow tent. I was originally watering these everyday. Temps ate 20-28 Celsius and humidity is 40-65%. Any suggestions or will overwatering take a while to fix ?
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  4. Coco by itself will hold lots of water so just let pots get lite
  5. Ok thanks

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    When you transplant, you have to expect some shock..at least 3 or 4 days.
    Coco will hold moisture but I would say dont go by weight of the planter.
    Water/feed coco every day. At you're stage I would water/feed with one litre a day. Run off is needed to control the salt build up from you're nutes...you want to get 20% at least.
    Coco is hydro so you have to treat it as such. Which means water/feed every day.
    You're plants does look hungry, I'm glad you started to feed them.
    The biggest mistake people make when using coco is under-watering/feeding. Coco is totally sterile, so what you add is the only nutes the plant gets.

    Ph you're water/feed to 5.8 to 6.1 and feed/water everyday.
  7. Ok I limited the amount of water they were getting to about half a litre a day now. See if things progress.

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  8. Transplanting shocks the plant and you have to allow the plant time to get rooted in before you see much happening in the foliage department. You went from a small container to a pretty big one and the plant does all it's root work before it will grow foliage. Your biggest problem seems to be not understanding how to water these plants. They need a defined wet/dry cycle as they grow. The roots do not like to sit around in moist conditions constantly. You have to allow the container time to dry out to almost dead dry before you give anymore water. Make sure your pH is adjusted to the proper range too since not having it right will lock up the roots of your plant. Read in the new grower threads on the forum. There are lots of posts for people just starting out who need the basics. TWW
  9. Thanks for the response. Issue is from what I have been reading is the opinion growing in coco. Some suggest waiting until the coco is dry while others suggest watering until run off. The last two nights I have gone the route of watering until a slight amount of run off... Roughly 5-10%. Plants seem to be responding a bit now. I went three days without watering before that and never noticed any improvements. I trimmed off the dead fan leaves from the first node. You will notice in the third photo some slight round circles that formed on the lower fan leaves . Anyone suggest this may be a result of nutrient deficiency or possibly some shock from the tips of the roots being peeled off when I transplanted? I originally thought this was due to overwatering, which it may still be as originally I was watering the plant a lot more ~30% runoff . [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

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  10. That was a 100% nutrient and watering deficiency. Coco needs to be watered daily with full nutrients. Plants r nice and green and growing!!! Thank you again for the help.

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