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Ever since I started GROWING marijuana my life has become GREAT

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by da_sAUCE!, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. YEah. Who agrees with me? Nothing beats talking to your stickybuds knowing that you will kill them and dry them up and then smoke them.

    I love checking them and looking at them with my loupe...

    I love seeing their trichromes change colors.

    I love the rank smell and the fact that I live on my own so I don't have to hide the smell.

    I love that when the lights go out at night the smell becomes so dank it's almost too much.

    I love sitting down with my freshly cleaned bong, filled with chilled fiji water and ice... loading a bowl of the fruits of your labor and burning that shit hardcore.

    Sigh... ever since those cops crashed my apartment, we killed our plants and shut down our growop..

  2. That sucks man, best of luck to ya.
  3. I look forward with much anticipation to the day where I have my own place to grow.

    Sorry to hear you got busted though.
  4. so basically everything was fine til the cops came and now its shit? haha
    damn sorry dude, i really just wanna be your girlfriend.
  5. Somewhere now because of the cops a fairy has died.Those bastards.Much love and i hope you get back on your feet soon.You should not be denied your true love.
  6. hahaha, thats classic.

    aaaanyway, I posted a topic in General a while back called "Cops..."

    It told the story about how the cops came in my apt. at like 1:45 AM claiming there was a report of a fight. My brother and I were ASLEEP, lol. So before we went to bed we smoked NYC Diesel and it REEKED. They smelled it and it gave them probable cause to enter. They came in and started lookin around, not tearin shit up, but looking around with their flashlights. Called us CHeech and Chong cuz we had like about a 1/2 oz of roaches. The only reason they didnt find my digi and the 12 small plants is cuz they were scard of my pitbull BabyGirl, so they had me put her in the back room where the BIG SHIT was. They were ok though, they joked with us and were chill. I asked em if anything would come of it and he said "Pffff... nothin. Ya'll are just some smokers."

    They just wanted to get high. They took the roaches and my protopipe. Left my bong and my glass pipe though. They even missed the 9-inch combat knife hanging right next to the door-jam.
  7. UPDATE: My bro and I decided if the cops were coming back they would have already, it's been more than a month...

  8. Perhaps this scripture will embolden you brothers on your righteous quest:

    Turn again our captivity, O Lord,
    as the streams in the dry land.
    They that sow in tears shall reap in joy.
    He that goeth forth and weepeth,
    bearing precious seed,
    shall doubtless come again with rejoicing, bringing his sheaves with him.
    - Psalms 126: 4-6
  9. holly shit u are one lucky fucker, and i hope u never see them cops again gl with ur grow man
  10. congrats on starting the grow op back up.

    and +rep for using chilled fiji water, that shit tastes soooo good
  11. DON'T grow weed with fuckup roomates! if you're going to grow weed, just be a good little quiet and otherwise law abiding citizen. i'd either move to my own place or kick them out. who needs roommates who'll get fucked up and start fighting or causing some other kind of commotion?

    it's just good to hear you're still on the outside. :)

    nice to FINALLY see a "4:20 girl" hanging around too.
  12. how did the cops come in the first place?
  13. damn u got lucky with that one, good luck on ur next grow and no more fighting!
  14. you shouldn't have answered the door knowing that it smells like weed.. when i smoke in my apartment it wreaks for a couple hours even this kid who doesn't smoke smelled it like 3 hours after i smoked
    I'm only growing shrooms now, but when I start growing weed i will be the only person that knows. I'm kinda paranoid that the apartment people might have to come into my apartment though.
  15. you better buy the dog its own little racecar bed in the corner of your room becaused he SAVED YOUR ASS... Mans best friend indeed :)
  16. that sucks ass they took your proto pipe man, those things rock, ive had mine for ever it belonged to my pop`s when he was young lol.
  17. no one was fighting in our apartment it was the apartment below us. someone reported it as us prolly the people on the 1st floor and they came up. my little bro opened the door, not me, I would've just stayed quiet and waited for them to leave.
  18. LOL a racecar bed. I had one of those when I was a kid.
  19. here's an funny little story.

    back in the 90s i tried growing all of my bagseed under a pair of shoplights. i had about a dozen to 20 strains (many mex-coms) and about 40 plants growing in plastic pint containers.

    my mom decided to drop a dime on me one day for no reason other than she likes doing stuff like that even though she's smoked herself back in the day.


    five-oh shows up asking me about the call. i'm about shitting a brick. i know i'm safely under the 50 plant felony level, but i'm looking at some serious trouble.

    instead of flinching i start bullshitting that my mom freaked out because she caught me smoking a doobie.

    they buy the story and don't bother searching my room even though they had probable cause.


    it pays to be able to keep calm in high stress situations. i think i would have been busted if i acted all paranoid and scared.

    shrooms are definately fun! i like those better than the indica shit every dealer sells. i was expecting them to be trippy and visual like thai, but they were totally clear headed and euphoric alot like kali mist.

    you can do shrooms alot stealthier and cheaper than weed.

    i have a couple vials of old fanaticus strains, but i think they're dead now. instead of being light sky blue, the syringes have big air bubbles, the liquid is clear/cloudy & there are tiny little specks inside. either the spores have clumped together or something contaminated them from sitting around a couple years.

    i messed them up the first time i tried as i did a couple things different from the directions and all my cakes turned moldy.
  20. i think pretty much all stoner chicks are turned on by guys who grow. i am quite guilty of this..
    congrats on growing again. and good luck!

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