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ever since i quit smoking marijuana my life became great

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by hubertRules110, Oct 6, 2007.

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  1. hello. my name is hubert and i started smoking marijuana when i was fourteen years of age. my friends peer pressured me into doing it one time at a swell party. i tried to say no, and that i\'d rather just get drunk rather than get addicted to drugs. however, i smoked and i did not stop smoking until four years later. it\'s been six months and my life i better than ever. i stopped smoking marijuana and i stopped coughing so much. also, my grades in school have become good. i don\'t just sit around anymore getting high and i actually live life to the fullest. i also now have friends and am popular in my school. looking back all i used 2 do is smoke marijuana and get high. now i play outside and stay healthy instead of wasting my life away in pointless addiction. thanks for your time. has anyone else had similar experiences?
  2. congrats?:confused::confused:
  3. no, most people dont get addicted to marijuana.
    i get good grades, play sports with my friends and get a lot of exercise, i dont have a bad caugh, i have a good amount of friends, and i smoke a lot of weed. i personally think it made my life better
  4. no never becasue there not fudamentalist above the influence employees.
  5. I call bullshit government propaganda or some crap.

    If weed hurts your quality of life, then you were obviously doing it wrong. :smoke:
  6. Good for you, OFFICER.
  7. its been great. i quit mostly because i realized that i was hurting those around me. my friends stopped hanging out with me because they knew of my addiction. they put pressure on me. when they first found out, they told me they would stop being friends with me if i did not stop. having my judgment severely impaired, i did not stop and i lost them all... it was the best decision of my life to stop and now im friends with those people again :)
  8. please stop.

    This is a waste of your time.
  9. No no, he should keep going. This is funny. I\'m making some popcorn, this is gonna be a good show.
  10. yea ur srsly messed up then. i smoke weed, get good grades, go outside, have lots of friends, and like others have said, it enhances my life. and its not an addiction, if your addicted to marijuana, you have other problems.

    and since its mr 2poster here, i also think its someone whos stupid and against weed and just signed up to say this bullshit. and look at his stupid say no to drugs avatar. this person has never smoked weed, and is just trying to piss people off. fuck you

  11. That\'s how it always is. *munches away on popcorn*
  12. i just signed up 2 offer my point of view... isnt that what internet discussion boards are all about? anyway... any time i\'m at a swell party now a days i drink beer and get drunk which is much safer (and feels a lot better) than being high and sitting around. when some1 offers me marijuana i say \"just say no to drugs\" and i walk away. hopefully i changed some lives with this. but to my original question, hasn\'t anyone had a similar experience as me?

  13. You have every right to express your opinion, and don\'t let anyone tell you differently. Just don\'t come on here firing bullshit out your ass and expect people to believe it.
  14. dude wait......... so what are you doing on grasscity?

    and i don\'t know how that happens, a few years ago a lot of my friends stopped hanging out with me, kids who smoked and kids who didnt smoke. i started blazing and i started hanging out with all my friends and then some. so since i started smoking, ive only made more friends and my life has become better, your wrong
  15. I smoke constantly and i have a partial scholarship to one of the best schools in the country. I also played legion baseball before i went to college while \"pre gaming\' daily. I dont know, reading your post has me thinking. I think rather then be involved in meaningless relationships with FAKE friends who threaten to ditch you because you smoke a plant. Good thing you found out what kind of people they were this way, and not when your sitting in the can and they dont give 2 fucks about it. So in conclusion, enjoy being a carbon copy of everyone else, you will be married b the age of 23, you will make 40k a year, you will have 3 kids, you will be divorced at age 35. Then you will evolve to meth, after you have fun with that you will probably be homeless and die. Im done with this rant, bye.
  16. this was not said by someone whos smoked weed. first off he used the word swell to describe a party, strike 1. second, he said beer is much safer, even tho it causes alcoholism and can be addictive unlike marijuana. strike2. and thirdly, hes only doing this to start shit with all his \"say no to drugs\" bullshit. anyones who smoked for four years wouldnt come out sayin, say no to drugs. this is like posting \"god isnt real, jesus is a faggot, and the bible is a lie\" on a catholic forum just to spark attention. so OP, GTFO
  17. hi guys. i\'m huberts popular friend, we get all the ladies at swell parties because we drink alcohol and get drunk. people who smoke marijuana cigerettes are losers, and despite what you may think, not everybody does it. just say no, it\'s what we winners do.
  18. hey guys i thought i\'d show you some reasons as 2 why i quit. i went 2 this website called Above the Influence (a clever title, you know how when u are high you are \"under the influence\"? well they did a little linguistic maneuvering there) and they had many facts. these facts were even sited. ya so there are a lot of risks involved and thats y i decided not 2 smoke anymore. that and i was tired of being lazy, lonely and dull.
  19. May I just say, SCRIPTED PROPAGANDA??
  20. Oh boy, here we go. I\'m gonna need some more popcorn....
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