ever since i did shrooms...

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  1. ...i don't care about mosquitoes. i used to get really irate when they'd bite me, but since i tripped i barely notice them at all. strange, eh? anyone else have anything like this happen? i've only tripped once, btw, earlier this summer.
  2. i,ve tripped and i still hate those little bastards but its probly because im allergic and the bite turn into belt itchy welts on me....oh well
  3. Well, I think u should "care" about the lil bastards because those lil bastards might have a lil virus called "west nile virus" I wouldn't and don't let a shroom get in my mentality to the point of not caring about the lil skeeters around me. Slap those skeeters like a PIMP! LOL GOOD EXERCISE TOO! :laughing:
  4. FOr some reason, this could be viewed as fucked up, i really like killing insects. One of my fondest moments was waking up to 2 bees flying in my room and me killing them wearing nothing but boxers. Im not DEATHLY allergic but i swell up and my throat kinda clogs when i get stung. I had so mcuh adrenaline pumping it was awesome. I got both of those bastards and lay them down next to 4 GI joe action figures who guarded them for the rest of the night. I woke up and then flushed them.

    Killing bugs... is aWESOME

  5. :eek: lol that is hilarious. :D

    maybe i should clarify; if i feel one on me or see one i'll still get it off of me, but it's much further from the front of my mind. it's sort of just becomes a subconscious action rather than me being consciously and constantly bother by the fuckers, which i used to be.
  6. Mushrooms make you realize the real importance of things that are around and interact with you on a daily basis, yadigg?

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