Ever send a text to the wrong person?

Discussion in 'General' started by TheHighRoad, Jun 10, 2009.

  1. I always freak out that I do this and have to reassure myself by checking in my sent messages. I once sent out a message talking about having people over to smoke to this chick who is known to narc people out... It was bad! I was just thinking about how many awkward situations could ensue.
  2. haha my worst one was this. there is this kid i sometimes buy drugs from, but hes a real douche and i dont like him very much. but this kid has very good connections so i bite my lip. Well call him "c"

    Me: yo wassup man can u do anything?
    Him: naw man, i got arrested for smokin a blunt with my friend in a parking lot.

    Now I mean to text my good friend, but instead i text c "there is a god, c got arrested"

    haha so C texts back "you texted that to me asshole"

    I made up some BS story about how i knew that and was kidding around with him.

    so awkward
  3. Yeah I use to text about drugs and sex a lot to people and sent a few wrong texts to some people with the same first name. I now call whenever these subjects arise!
  4. I normally call people when I am drunk. I called my dad at 4 in the morning wasted going on about how harry potter was such a good series of books and asked if he could deliver my books to my apartment.

  5. Oh shit that sucks!

    Another thing that happens to me is if I'm talking about someone in a text, I accidently send it to that person instead of the person it's supposed to go to. SO AWKWARD! I've been the recipient of "wrong person" texts too.
  6. aw man.

    one time i had a girlfriend who had serious trust issues with me. one night i found myself in a situation where i was alone in a room at like 2 am with this other girl who'd been talking to be for a while.
    i try to send a text to my friend saying "dude i'm alone with chloe in ashley's room right now...."
    then it turned out i sent it to my girlfriend. how, i have no idea.......

    things did not end up too well.
  7. Oh yes! I have done this. You know...back in the day when I was playing the field...Yeah, I have actually done that more than once! You think I would have learned the first time...Took me a couple of times on that one. I don't have that problem anymore, but I have been there. :cool:
  8. Hehe, I once told one of my roomates that "I love you bunches" It was meant for the girlfriend, but he did send one back that said "Uhhh, I love you too man."
  9. it all was happen to me i send my frien a pic of my plant and end up sending it to somebody else and have to make up a lie about i took the pic off hightime because nobody knowes i grow but one person
  10. I have many times sent texts to the wrong people, especially the people the texts were about. If I'm high and concentrating on that person too hard when I write the text about them I accidentally send it to them. I also tried to send a sensual message to my gf while I was on training trip for my swim team this past winter break but accidentally sent it to one of the junior guys with me on the trip. Luckily he didn't have my number in his new phone so I pretended it was a wrong number. Sweet.
  11. ya my iphone dose it all the timeeeeee. i sent my mom a text that said "hey man you got any bud"
  12. This. I have done this multiple times lol.

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