ever seen twins from 1 seed

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  1. barney,s farm top dog fem
    1 seed 2 plants this pic was not altered

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  2. i dont see it
  3. there is a plant in the seed and a small one with its leafs open
  4. here is some better pics

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  5. Where'd you get that container?
  6. you can get them online
  7. Sick man nice!
  8. i have not seen that before thats cool. mayb the smaller one isnt canabis ull have to wait n see hahaha;)

    i have seen a root that came threw the soil on top sprout a branch and i have seen a plant that had all but one branch chewed off by a damn dear and the top of the plant bent over and started to grow back into the soil

  9. i germed the seed in a paper towel and it had 2 roots
    i thought i was seeing stuff but i wasn,t i will update this thread
    ever few day with new pics
  10. I once threw two seeds into a planter planning to remove one of the plants after they got started. Well, I plucked the plant that was behind and about a week later another plant had sprouted in that same place. I'm not sure how that happened. Nothing like this though. Hard to tell in your pictures because you aren't using the macro setting on your close up shots, but that might not be a cannabis plant growing in that peat.
  11. new pics

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  12. Twins do happen in MJ, two embryos in one seed. Also possible that it was a single embryo but was damaged somehow and effectively is growing two tops directly from the seed. Either way you're good, just be very careful if you try to separate them because they might share a root system.
  13. ive seen it before
  14. Play the lottery dude:smoke:
  15. TGA jack the ripper seeds have twins often and I have had twins from greenhouse seed company strains years ago when I use to grow dutch strains.
  16. new pic

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  17. mutant seedlings are fun. let it grow and see what it does.

    i was sad when my triploid turned out male. it was a neat looking plant.

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