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  1. What type of medium; soil or hydro? soil
    What brand and type of soil? home mix. third compost, thirdsoil, third perlite abd peat moss
    Indoors or outdoors? in
    What strain? bagseed
    How old are the plants?  3 months.  1 mth flower
    What type of lights and how many watts? cfl. 1X 130w, 2 x 43w 2700k
    How far from the lights? aprox 2 to 4 inches
    What is your watering frequency and source of water? water 3 to 4 days. using distilled now
    What, how much and when was it fed? NPK? ferts bottle says 6.5%N, 2.5%P, 2%K, 2%Ca, 0.1% magnesium plus other trace elements.  nut every 3rd  water
    What is the medium/runoff pH and PPM if in hydro? only have soil probe. might be dodgey. always have a 7 before and after feed
    What are the temps and humidity in the room? temp from 23 to 25degC
    What size pots? aprox 5litre
    Any bugs? Look real close. nope
    Any other pertinent info? 
    Has anyone seen this before?  i thought it was heat burn first but its only got worse after raising lights.  the 130w cfl gets pretty hot, but its winter and the lights have been closer in the past without any damage   the gold tinge seems to be random. sometimes starting in middle of leaf. havent had much trust in ph meter, but have been using straight distilled then 1/2 dose nute with distilled. its took like 2 or 3 wks to start flower after turning to 12 but then went strong
    I've seen some photos, wonder if its maybe phosphate in flower stage??
    but its confusing. ive read somewhere else that phosphate is absorbed in 6.5 to 8 ph for soil and there's another few elements in around about the same range.  if the ph was so far out wouldnt there be be heaps of other deficiency. 


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  2. You should insert that probe into the bottom of the root zone by turning the plant on it's side and go through the bottom of the plant. Need a proper ph measurement from the root zone for diagnosis.
  3. What brand and type of soil? ..........home mix. third compost, third soil, third perlite and peat mossCheap shit lights.....Cheap shit grows, expecting the membership to give me huge buds....? ...No Way Dude!!!!All soils can be seen as composted matter at some time, and the 2nd amendment is guess what ...SOIL!!!!!and then just to kill all, we add some peat moss!!!! ...that will get the Ph players in this forum running for new batteries for there probes ...lolI'd without doubt, run to my local garden supply store and buy 2-3 bags of quality potting mix, in a large sink wash the current soil of those roots and transplant to the new soil, no food or nutes for the rest of the grow, unless urgently required, also add some perlite, that is the good news you have at the moment, very little compaction.Look close at the photos....thats not just a little burn....thats total necrosis(dead) leaf stock, like pouring gas on ya arm and lighting a match ..necrosis!!!!
  4. lol. only second attempt dude, first went well with the soil mix, and the cheap shitty lights , but it had a shorter life and i didnt use any nutes. was just asking...
    lol. ok i think i get ya point, and apologies we all cant start as pros or maintain a pro set up, even if we wanted to.. and who says someone would expect 'membership' to give anyone anything except advice. i thought thats what this site was about, 

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