ever seen someone troll a dating website?

Discussion in 'Grasscity Forum Humor' started by Honor Roll, Aug 4, 2011.

  1. That was hilarious the one with the black chick made me lawll
  2. lmao i couldn't stop laughing at those.. i had to stop about half way so I didn't wake my whole house up lol fuckin genius
  3. ha pistonheads :cool:
  4. Hahaha the pig nose one was the best
  5. I thought a GC member did those? I am 100% sure I've seen these before on this site...
    Anyways, still funny lol :D

    And man that last one is amazing... turning that girl into the troll face.

    Soooo screwed up though. I mean that could really mess with some of the poor girls' heads... Feel kinda bad laughing.

  6. lol thats why its so good!
  7. LOL that was great.

    I like the random ones... with the floating drill and batman in the background.
  8. This is too damn funny.

    I had to stop half way through because my stomach was hurting.
  9. Not gonna lie...seeing that again but sober....is like a new experience lol cause i forgot i even posted this topic haha
  10. haha looks like there were more pics then the one i saw on this website
  11. Fucked up but soooo funny. Omg. Dedication to draw all those people, for sure.
  12. hahahahahaha

    that shyt had me rollin.
  13. I filled out an application on e harmony and put all of the answers down how someone would really answer them except "what do you like most in a woman" and I put down "my cock". They didn't like that

    I also made an account on gaythugdating.com to fuck with people, and my account was featured on te front page.
  14. LOL

    I had to stop laughing half way through so i wouldn't wake my dog.

    but honestly, do people purposely find the worst pic they have?
  15. i have no idea why people post some pics like that online lol
  16. In life I've found....

    some people are just ugly and beyond the reach of cosmetics :smoke:

    id hate to think what a "bad" picture of some of those people looks like though lol.

    Some of them are just delusional thinking they're looking sexy or something tho
  17. Oh my fucking god lmao, golden.

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