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Ever see your own bud on GC?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by B1C, Aug 2, 2011.

  1. Just wondering, due to the tons of people on GC showing off their stash in the Stash Jar. Ever see your home grown bud or bud in which youve aquired on the site?

    Im talking about people in the same rough area and seeing how it got around to everyone kinda deal? Its a long shot, but i just had a thought and i was wondering
  2. lol no but ive seen alot of people repost pictures of bud haha
  3. Yeah, ive seen a couple people talkin' about being in the same area and same bud. you just gotta be there lol :)
  4. i have seen trends ive experienced in real life pop up here.

    example,,,about a year ago there was a few month period where all the "dank" in my area was really generic citrusy smelling stuff that every dealer was calling "lemon (insert generic strain name here) and i saw all types of ppl from my area posting the shit and it looked he same and they described it the same.
  5. This guy has a regular michigan thread where he picks up danny trevino weed, who is a owner of multiple dispenaries in michigan. I went to school with his kid. Small world.
  6. Not that many people post pictures from MI and the ones who do go through dispensaries. I don't have my card and although the growers my dealers buy from might also sell to dispensaries, I haven't seen anything that was EXACTLY the same....I've seen one or two pictures that seemed very very similar though.
  7. hahahaa.. thats some weak shit bruh..

    i couldnt do that..

    and if i did see a pic of mine bein takin (doubt it.. i suck at takin pics)

    i will be sure to let the person kno.
  8. Yes actually quite often
  9. No, but Texas is huge so it isn't likely.
  10. yes, i posted a pic of a half pound of blueberry here years ago and ive seen it a bunch of times
  11. I've grown two stains that I couldn't even tell apart when dried. They tasted different, but looked identical. I think a lot of the people getting the same weed might just THINK they get the same because it looks the same. But I'm sure there are cases were people really all get the same stuff, like EW was saying about the lemon strain.

  12. Agreed. Ive seen a ton of strains on here that looked similar to ones ive picked up around that time (within 2-3 months) and id say that they actually were the same a few of those times but alot of the time id say i just THOUGHT that lol

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