Ever see "Marijuana: A Chronic History?"

Discussion in 'General' started by clinsanity, Aug 4, 2012.

  1. It's on the History Channel right now, and I gotta say its pretty well done.
  2. yea seen it before and watching at now:wave::cool:
  3. Had no idea why it was initially made illegal back in the 30s, and that's some shit how one guy was essentially behind it all.
  4. That blonde bitch is a fucking idiot.
  5. Which one? Hopefully not Melissa Ethridge.
  6. I've seen every modern weed documentary available on netflix lol

  7. Not her lol. Cant remember here name but she was trying to say marijuana is dangerous.
  8. [quote name='"twitchydude420"']

    Not her lol. Cant remember here name but she was trying to say marijuana is dangerous.[/quote]

    Yeah I know who you are talking about. She was the last person they interviewed, and it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth for how progressive the program is.
  9. Dude I just watched that shit stoned, it was great!! Now it's about LSD
  10. Lol I think its about how the hippies weren't just stoners, but rather helped shape modern day society.
  11. I watched it today too I like it except for the people really against it

    I didn't know some dispensaries delivered
  12. Watched it also today, about the third time for me... The blond says it's a danger to her children. So is crossing the street in a crosswalk but people do it all the time. It's all about who will win and who will loose that decides issues like MMJ. We loose and alcohol and tobacco win even though these two cause deaths every hour.

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