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Ever saw a ghost when you're high?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iCeD MeTaL, Aug 15, 2012.

  1. Or at least thought you saw one :eek:

    Having read ghost stories all my life, i always wanted to see one for myself.

    Well, im stoned out of my mind right now, and i just might have :eek::smoke:

    As i was walking past the corrider and into my room, we have a mirror on the corridor, and someties when you look at it from different angles you can see the other rooms even though it's not in your direct peripheral. Well as i was walking briskly into my room just a few mins ago, i swear i saw a girl with long hair sitting in one of the other rooms. No girl lives in my house. I of course did a double take, and then walked back and forth to try and replicate the image. Could not.

    Did i imagine it? Has anyone else ever thought they saw or experienced a supernatural occasion?
  2. I think you might be using shrooms...
  3. I swear I have mate, I was 16 I think and I was lying in bed turned over it was pitch black and the was a Chimney Sweeper kid walked threw my wall and into my chimney breast.
  4. I BEG my friends to go with me to the Pensacola lighthouse (featured on ghost hunters)...defiantely seeing a ghost/ghosthunting is on my high bucketlist

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