Ever runaway? share your stories!

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  1. If you've ever ran away as a kid or teen, share your story here! I'd love to hear some real stories as I'm sure many other blades would too :)
  2. was a stow-away on a ship back in '56. good times.
  3. [quote name='"pheelgood"']was a stow-away on a ship back in '56. good times.[/quote]

    You said you were 19 In your last thread.....
  4. when i was around 10ish i ran away to the end of the block and stayed at a friends for a day i distinctivly remeber stealing the loaf of bread from my house for food while i was running away dont really remeber packing anything else lol
  5. I always wanted to run away cuz I thought it would be fun but my parents were always nice so I never really had a good reason
  6. hahaha, that's hilarious.
  7. Thought about it about a hundred million times, but when I was younger I was like...where the fuck am I going to go? When I was old enough to drive and my parents knew I was beyond pissed at them they'd take my keys before they sent me to my room. My dad just knew...like he just knew when I was going to take off and he'd demand my keys. It was weird like he could read my mind.
  8. Never got the balls to. Helped my transient friends though.
  9. Dozens of times I have been kicked out, I would always come back after about a week because I was abused but spoiled to shit lol. When I was about 15 I did not come back was sleeping in an internet cafe hehe. She never kicked me out again "He says sitting in his parents house"
  10. was like 8 years old, got to the end of the driveway, and was like damn wat now. walked back up with my held down in shame. loll
  11. Legit. I would do this all the time. I would only get about two houses down.
  12. quite a few times. when i was 16 i was trying sooo hard to move in with my mom cause my dad used to be an asshole. i just walked out and it was like 5 pm and in the winter so it was cold as fuck and snowing. i was planning on walking to my moms which was 20 miles, after about a mile i got reallllly cold, so i tried to hitch a ride, and some dude and his kid gave me a ride. 1 of 3 hitch hiking experiences.
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    When i was 15 i beleive. I got in an argument with my rents becuase i didnt want to go were they were going which was about 2 hours away. Just becuase i felt really self conscious around poeple so it realllly realllly held me back from wanting to go to this freind get together they were going to.

    So i got up, and walked out of that house in the middle of winter with no socks and some shitty shoes and only a pull-over sweatshirt. i walked about a quarter mile through some tall grass fields (i live about 6 miles from the nearest town so i live in the country.) I ended up falling asleep under a tiny pine tree with the sweater over my legs. I woke up and just walked back to my house.
  14. I would usually walk for about 20-60 seconds, think to myself "fuck this. I'm bored", then turn around and go home.
  15. I grew up in the 70s. I never had a reason to run away because I pretty much did what I wanted. My mom did kick me out when I was 13 (trying to teach me a lesson). I stayed the first night at a run away shelter in Berkeley. The second night I slept in my sister's car in the apt. parking lot. My mom had her bring me sandwiches and a blanket but had may sister tell me she didn't know I was there.
    I had a small group of friends run away when they were around 12 years old. They hopped a train and ended up in Santa Cruz. They stayed by the boardwalk and slept on the beach. I thought that was the greatest thing ever. I was pissed that I didn't go with them. They got caught after only a few days.
  16. i left for like 20 minutes until my mom came around the block out of no where and scooped me up and said she was being a bitch and said sorry.

    i think i was getting beat for forgetting to do something for her, i dont remember what exactly,but i just dipped out after she came at me with the belt, i wasnt in the mood.

    i was like 11 lol

    if only my little brother knew how crazy she was back then, he never got the belt or wooden spoon and now he is a spoiled asshole lol
  17. When I was 9 the family matters weren't doing so well, so I packed an overnight bag with all the clothes in my dresser/toothbrush and fav stuffed animal. I walked to my elementary school and fell asleep on the playground. Went home the next day, parents didnt notice. When I was 12 things got better and we became a normal family again and all things were good. That was an experience I will never forget.
    I helped my friend runaway and he stayed with my fam until he went off to college. Religion is a crazy thing...
  18. When i was in 6th grade i had a bad report card and my dad wanted to go talk to my teacher my dad hit me in the face and gave me a black eye like super bad it was one that was legitly all black and made me look like that dog wishbone anyway i ended up running away right when we got in my driveway and i chilled in some woods all day and then ran up to the school after i got bored in the woods. i had my swiss army knife with me so i was carving spears and then my dad had the whole neighborhood looking for me and some chick saw me and told my parents so my dad came to the school and found me and i tried running but he chased me with the truck caught up with me than ran and grab me i tried stabbing him with one of my little spears i sharpened and it didn't do shit but piss him off. my mom was pissed he hit me so i got away scotch free

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