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Ever record while high?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by vmfedor, Jul 29, 2003.

  1. Ever smoke a bowl or three, pick up your guitar and press 'record' on ye old four-track recorder? You can come up with some really inspired shit. 3/4 of it (at least for me) is usually just mindless jamming (I once played the same two-chord riff for over 20 minutes and at the time I thought I was the next fucking Jimmy Page or something) but sometimes you'll go back and listen to the recording and find a couple gems that you can mold into a badass song. I love playing guitar while high.

    I also write a lot of ambient and electronica music and you can REALLY make some trippy shit when you're all hopped up on mary jane.

    Anyone else write any music? If so, care to share some of it with us? :)

    Peace and love, bros and gal-pals!
  2. i spit rhymes, rap, its fun, and can sum times be hard, ill post a flow later, payce

  3. Nope. But me and my friends will often break out the video camera while high. We come up with crazy shit.
  4. thc102 is a poser

  5. huh?
  6. I just finished my first remix song while high, i'd put it on here for you guys to listen to if I knew how..

  7. Explain then, you can't make a comment like that without the back up otherwsie it's meaningless
  8. Here's the song, if you want to listen to it.

    Keeping in mind it's the first one i've made..
  9. He's saying that because we already have a THC101. I guess he doesn't realize that it's actually the same person.
  10. i've got this quality psy-trance album by 1200micrograms, every track is reputedly written under the effect of the drug it is named after... ayahuasca, marijuana, ecstacy, salvia divinorum etc etc... i haven't tried raving to each track whilst tripping on the specific drug, but one can only imagine ;)

    blatantly, smoke loadsa bongs and make lots of music!

  11. I have never recorded but I've posted a message before.. then like a week later somehow I'll see it, and be like "I said that ?" hahaha its pretty funny.
  12. ah yes! it's the only way to make music. beeing a bit stoned that is. i'm more of an electronica kind of musician, and whenever i get in the mood of playing around with some new tunes, i gotta light up a fatty *before* i start any of my music software :D

    from then on it's just going where-ever the flow takes you. and yes, only about a quarter of the stuff i do stoned get to the finishing stages. but compared to my sober output, that ain't bad...

    examples (with bass and guitar) can be found at:

    [the site is still a bit work in progress, but that's ok, i'll get to it]
  13. never. but me n my friend record each other being dumbasses and laughing at everything on video tape..

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