Ever quit smoking for a girl?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by highgradeuse, Nov 4, 2015.

  1. last year actually my invasive ex mother in law broke into my car and found all of my stuff, my ex knew I smoked but she literally did the same thing, so I kinda cut down on the stuff and it sucks cause after that incident my girl changed she went from being the sweetest girl ever to a total bitch, I still smoked behind her back from time to time but I figured it wasn't worth it anymore and I don't like hiding stuff from s/others we ended up breaking up not too long ago over some other issues but let's just say I'm way happier and better off. Don't ever change for anyone. You will find that person who will accept you for who you are

  2. First "true" love or weed and I picked weed. lol kinda think about it a lot though, she was a 10 for sure.
  3. Where that picture of the chick getting kicked out of a moving car? Cuz that's what would happen if she even tried to think about axing me that question
  4. Not in the position of it being medicine.. But i would give it up, i think so. i also gave christianity a try for a woman as well.. Lol
  5. I use it for medical reasons, plus I love marijuana.
    So no, never quit for a girl, and never will.
    Would you really want to date a girl who is dumb enough to believe marijuana is bad?
  6. No sir. Might even blow smoke in her face for good measure.
  7. He'll to the NO!

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  8. Well I'm a straight girl but I guess the gender doesn't really matter.. But I wouldn't quit something I like for a potential date.. So many fish in the sea and I'd rather have a boyfriend who doesn't make me quit something harmless that I like because we all have different hobbies and likes.. Your partner should not limit you but rather support you and you help each other to bring each other up. And especially if it is medicine... Would it seem crazy for your partner to tell you to stop taking something a Dr prescribed because something happened who knows when and put a bad taste In their mouth? Its weed, we all know its a hell of a lot healthier and effective than a lot of the shit doctors give away like candy.. The most that I would do if my partner didn't like weed would be to have enough respect to not consume it around them.

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  9. When I was a little younger I did, because damn I was head over heels so I was already high on the "chase." Figured I didn't need weed.
  10. I've dated 5 girls while I was a chronic toker.

    They all made me cut back.
    My gf now doesn't mind but refuses to smoke with me.

    Fucking sucks.

    Really wish I could toke up and trip out with my girlfriend.

    Smartest thing would be to ultimately date a stoner or get her her hooked on it by showing her how good it can be.
  11. O's over hoes bruh

    Bricks House
  12. I did about 6 years ago. About 2 years into our relationship she seen how much more calm (Less Anxiety, Less Depresssion) I was when I smoked. 4 years later we are still together and I am smoking strong everyday. Even occasionally I can get her to toke up with me every now and then

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