Ever quit smoking for a girl?

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  1. I'm probably going to use this now in my day to day life. I just figured I owed you a thanks for introducing it to me.

  2. I was given a similar ultimatum. "Its either weed or me." Now at the time, I chose her because the way I saw it was weed would still be growing when we broke up. Now this was during February (weed season) and during a time when all my friends were blazing all the time. I had to walk the lonely sober walk through this cold and bleak time. But I adjusted and forgot really what weed was within a couple weeks. Its an easy thing to delete from your life.

    Eventually this same girl broke up with me over the fact I was an atheist (something I couldn't change.) Any girl who makes an ultimatum between herself and something you choose to consume on your own time is not worth choosing. And in your case where weed is your medicine, its completely ridiculous for her to ask you to choose. And it says a lot about their character and morals.

    Anyway when I was free of this controlling relationship, sure enough there was still weed to be found and friends to smoke with.
  3. Fuck that lol
  4. If she does not love you for who you are and doesn't accept something like weed then how do you think the future is gonna be? First its weed, then its something else you like that she is jealous of and its a never ending cycle. You said that stuff happened and she doesnt want anything to do with weed, and she is offended by your use and is jealous, she wants that attention she doesn't get when your smoking. Get out of that relationship quick, I have friends stuck in relationships like that because they didn't get out before it was too late. Next thing you know she is pregnant and if you aren't there for the next 18 years your gonna be spending them giving her money for child support or sitting in jail for not paying the child support.
    Even if you didn't have a reason to smoke it other than just to get high, it is still more harmless than eating a fucking candy bar.

  5. No I'm not going to change just to make the other person happy. I'd possibly cut back if I was asked nicely... actually I'd still say no.

    Like someone already said. If they say "It's the weed or me" I'll be gone in a heart beat because they're trying to be controlling.
  6. for me it is not about being so dependent on weed that i have to forgo other things to have it...

    its about i am gonna smoke weed...i am an original lovebaby out of the hippy movement in San Fran...been in the weed culture all my life...and being older, i have gotten to a place in my life where i do not need to get so high to the head all the time that i can not function properly...weed for me is like having that after dinner scotch while relaxing in the evening...in moderation for a relaxer while i am chilling after a long day of living my daily life

    here's my thing...

    i am gonna smoke...just how it is...not against anyone that doesn't, that's all good, different strokes for different folks...

    but 30 yrs into a marriage, one thing that we DON'T fight about....is weed...chuckling...never been an issue and has likely been part of the secret of making it 30 yrs...its something we enjoy, share in common and have no reason to beef about, plus it allows us a lot of mellow, which goes a long long way in a relationship...doesn't mean we can not achieve mellow without it...just means achieving it with weed is especially enjoyable...

    and that is why i say...why borrow trouble?...i think, if weed is something you love and know you are gonna enjoy, why put yourself into a situation with someone that is just gonna hassle you about it constantly?...finding someone you share these basic commonalities with helps a lot in lessening relationship drama...trust me, you will find a million other things to beef about, this one has an easy workaround to avoid it

  7. i was in the same exact situation last year with my gf of 2 years. Im still smoking and pokin. Not her tho we broke up.
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    Yeah back in the day I did but it just made me resentful and it didn't work out .

    I was young . This was back in the late 90s . I have found in life if somebody doesn't accept you for who you are this person is not really for you . People are alway trying to change people . If it's changes you want to make its all good but if not it will never work . You will just end up resenting either other

    I have been with my girl for 12 years now . She doesn't smoke . I smoke everyday . She accepts that . I don't think she even smells it anymore lol . Things are great
  9. No But I told her I quit. It sucked lying about it.
  10. If someone wants to be with you then they'll accept you and won't try to change you.
    Sounds like she wasn't the one for you OP!
  11. I'm currently hiding it from my SO, as she HATES anything psychoactive. I discovered weed after we had been together for two years. I've been trying to test the water and get her to change her opinions, as it helps me with numerous issues and is very enjoyable as you all know. It's pretty sad to let something so silly dictate who you want to be with in my opinion.

    I'm probably going to have to split up with her now, partly due to this, it just does not seem right to deny something beneficial to my life on the grounds that...Hell I don't even know why she hates weed, it seems to be she just associates any substance that can be used recreationally to be the devil.

    So the short answer is no I guess.
  12. Nope, and wouldn't either.

    I've had one girl leave me due to my drug use. We were together about a year, and my drug use was the main factor in her not letting us fix our relationship. At that time, I wasn't just smoking pot though, I was using hard drugs too. But yeah, she didn't like the pot smoking either & the smell irritated her a lot, which in turn irritated me. Cause honestly, pot is the best smelling thing on God's green earth man.

    My current girlfriend doesn't care that I smoke, she has even smoked with me a few times, and shared an edible with me once. Which, I told the story of that in a different thread on this forum. So yeah, I'm good now haha.

  13. This girl wanted me to stop smoking for her in high school. I didn't. She was one of those girls who wanted to save their virginity for marriage so instead they take it in the ass.
  14. No girl is worth throwing my body into complete and utter chaos. 1-2 weeks being dry because of finances is hell for me, let alone quitting completely. It's one thing if you use for recreation, but when it's the only thing that helps with issues like anxiety, irritable bowels, and migraines.. It's just not worth it. I was sober until a few weeks before my 19th birthday, and I missed over 40 days of school because of my body. Never missed a single day of work after I started using cannabis, and I never intend to let the people who are relying on me down again once I get some income coming in again (family moved, so I'm over 80 miles away from my once stable job).

    If you need it as medicine, then you need it as medicine. No questions asked.

  15. Yea..no if someone asked me or tried to make me quit for them id be like nah you stank, get outta here biiiiiitch [​IMG]
  16. Cheah. Now me an her toking together on the reg a year later. Cheah cheah
  17. Like many others said, if she's gonna make me choose, I'm not gonna choose her.

    I've been in the same situation a few times.

    One time she tried to make me choose between her and a mate of mine. So I left her.

    The other time this chick had her reason to not like weed (of her past) she knew I did it, I never did it around her or would even see her while I was high. Then one day she made me choose, her, or weed. I just said " well at least now I can smoke more"

    I just ask people what there views are on it now after we've talked for a little.
  18. Yeah, if you let somebody dictate what you are doing in your own life that you find pleasing, it can be a problem, unless your health is bad or you just financially cannot afford to smoke but do so anyways. We all have an idea of what our significant other should be doing and when they stray away from that idea, we often call them out on it, without any grounds for doing so whatsoever other than "Hey, my bf/gf doesn't do that!" like they have disassociated with you as a person or something lol.
  19. I was with a girl who hated weed. High school sweetheart. Together for 8 years. Weed was kind of a thing that we both knew I smoked, but I kept it from her. Eventually I grew up and realized our relationship was weird. Nobody should have to hide things from each other

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