Ever quit smoking for a girl?

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  1. So there's this girl I like a lot and some stuff happened so now she doesn't want anything to do with weed.
    She told me it was either weed or her, and since I kinda need weed for a medicine I didn't have much of a choice lol.

    I was just ever wondering if anyone's been in this position and actually quit smoking?
  2. honestly, i have never understood why we weedheads get involved with other people that are not at least tolerant about weed...it is just gonna end up being an issue in the relationship, and i see it as one of those fundamental areas that you should prob be sympatico on or else find someone else to date/marry...save yourself the drama of constant hassling over it
  3. No & I never will [​IMG]
  4. No I haven't literally QUIT for a girl, but I did stop because I understood it wasn't the most attractive thing to her. @pipperz I disagree with what you've said. I'd rather have a girl that I actually love than use a substance to get a special "feeling". I think some people get to caught up in getting high, if it's a priority to you and you don't medically need it, you need to reevaluate your life. I'd much rather have an awesome girl who makes me happier than weed will ever. Kinda sick to me that some people are that dependent on MMJ that they MUST find a significant other who approves
  5. I never quit for a girl, even though that ended a few relationships that I wish I still had. Just need to keep searching in the end and find a SO that is at least tolerable towards marijuana usage. I found one and she is the best and would do anything for me, plus she smokes on occasion, not daily like me but we are like lovebirds and we make things work.
  6. No I wouldn't quit. I would lie and hide it before I do that.
    Also with it being 2015 if a woman couldn't accept me for smoking weed casually I would probably say fuck her anyway.

    I would cut down and keep it to a minimum no problem, but full on quit just because she doesnt like it that's seems selfish on her part.
  7. I hate those relationships, the worst kind : it's either weed or me. Well, you're not special snowflake. If you can't handle a little weed, go find somebody else. She'll probably ask you to quit doing other shit you like, "just for me", so she can control your life, for that little piece of snatch.
  8. there is no female under the sun worth giving up smoking for
  9. That Shit is for the birds man.

    I've never understood how people coyldbt be tolerant of their partner blazing.
  10. I disagree. Marriage/relationships is a constant war with both sides trying to gain the upper hand.

    I believe everyone should meet half way. If my gf came up to me and said me or the weed I would pick the weed just not just for the high but because she gave me an ultimatum.

    Now with that being said if she came up to me and said "I dont like you smoking weed but I love you do you think you can just smoke on weekends instead of everyday?" To me this seems much more resonable and Im more likely to agree to.
  11. No and I wouldn't. I just had a 5-day forced t-break and by day 3 my depression started to bang at the door and I stopped sleeping. If I had to give it up for a woman, then she better be prepared for us to have a bad life.
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    Way too many fish in the sea...so she dumped you cause you use weed, had many known then you'd be the pick of the crop, tell your buddies, she had bad breath, ....is just as good ...lol

    pussy versus weed..? ....Weed wins every time

  13. NO FUCKIN WAY!!!
  14. I do other drugs like achohol
  15. Hmm.. no. I am a girl though. I have never quit for a guy, nor would I ever. My current boyfriend smokes though so it's all good!

  16. When a girl constantly asks "ARE YOU HIGH?" ...... drop her like a Sprint phone call.

    If I have to run around trying to hide my highness, the shit's not gonna work out. Now, if she's blazing with me... she's a keeper [​IMG]
  17. Mine rolls my joints for me from time to time, and they're fucking terrible [​IMG]
  18. Never.

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