Ever Pull out your bag when you didnt mean too ?

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  1. Two stories, small but fun.

    Buddy and I, got done blazin some good bud with my bong, put my sack of weed in the pocket on my button up, so half the bag was sticking out, i go upstairs to my buddys family reunion, they are eating and i go to dish myself up, his mother see's my weed snatches it(Mind you, i was 15 at the time), gives it to her hubby, told me to go home.

    Only to have her husband call me over to smoke the bag with me, as punishment? or his way of gettin high ? Your call, never did smoke again with him after that..

    Was at a espresso stand and needed to get some dollars for a tip, i knew i only had enough for a tip so i pull my pocket out and just hand it to her, with my 3 grams, she told me i might want that back, or is that WITH the tip, lol was awkward and i had my gf at the time with me, so i just drove off >.<

    Was bored, figured id share somthing
  2. I was standing in walgreens with my boy buying muffins and I pulled out $20 and my 8th bag fell on the ground. Some old lady behind me saw it and gave me a dirty look. Hahahahahaha.
  3. i owed a friend some money so i decided id bring my money to my psycology class (only like 10 people in there) and when i took out the money, my bag fell out of my pocket and by my seat at the front of the tiny lecture hall. we proceeded to have a marijuana debate in which my professor took the pro-weed side.
  4. I was buying a zigzag and looking for my money and was high of course haha three people were standing around me pulled out five dime bags looked at them for three whole seconds said out loud o shit put back and found my money and left laughing

    dident even try to hide it
    was sooooo high:smoking:
  5. reminds me of when i was going on a school trip and this girl i was with brought a little vile of some headies...needless to say she pulled something out of her pocket and the vile came flying out flopping all around in front of everyone...we both jumped down to the ground right away to grab it and everyone was staring at us while we were laughing our asses off..they did not even know what it was


  6. thats fucking awesome man.. iwish i had a professor like that/
  7. one time in high school in PE class (last period) we had a substitute. I had gotten a dime bag from a friend earlier and since I was sittin on the top row of bleachers I opened my back pack to see how the quality was.

    The substitute came walking up the bleachers to my group of friends and I just pocketed my bag. He was cool and was just talking to us. My hands must've gotten sweaty holding the bag in my jacket pocket because when I pulled out my hand it stuck to my palm and went flying a few feet. He had to have seen it but he just ignored it. Was pretty cool of him.
  8. I haven't that I can remember, but a friend of mine was sitting in gym next to me near the end of the hour. She reached in her bag and started pulling stuff out to find something she was looking for. Then she pulled out some bud when she wasn't paying attention, stared at it trying to figure it out (it was in like three bags so it was hard to see through) then realized what it was and shoved it back in. A few people saw I think but nobody cared. The reason it was funny, though, was because she didn't even know she had it in her backpack, nor how long it had been, there. It just kind of showed up when she was looking for something else. Lucky her :)
  9. aha, me and some buddies were in this shop blazed, getting some munch. i went up to the till to pay for the crisps and drink i had. I managed to pull out a full baggy with a tenbit in it, and the sweets that i stole that were in my pocket, and put it all on the counter. I stood there for like 5 seconds, and just put the baggy back in my pocket. I don't think i've ever ran out of shop so fast!?
  10. Mine happened to be when a cop was talking to me :(.

    I got stopped by the cops and they asked to see my license which happened to be in my front pocket since i had just bought a wrap with it earlier in the day, to smoke a blunt. Well it just so happens that apparently i had left two dime bags in my pocket and they happened to come out with my license :(.

    Cop was chill about it though and just took my weed and searched my pockets and car for more, and let me go with a verbal warning.

    Later i found out he missed a bag somehow and smoked a fat bowl to my face :smoke: :D.

  11. that was like the third class. that guy has all these wierd theories about unlocking the mind with mind expanding drugs, meditation, and lucid dreaming. hes so chill.
  12. Dude, I JUST went into the ghetto store and bought some papers, blunts, cookies and faygo...then dropped a quarter of some kind of diesel (don't remember, it was diesel x sumthing) either way u could smell it when it fell...the little indian guy told me to 'get out of store nows lmao...oops.

    Ah well the korean stores closer anyways. Lol
  13. pretty similar story. i was high buying blunts bag falls right on counter in front of clerk .. but whatever he didnt care lookd baked himself
  14. I have a bra, never had that problem :D
  15. few months back when I was in comp. lab at my uni, I was about to grab my usb from my bag and suddenly I accidentally drag the half O bag to the floor. For some few seconds, the other students were like freezing and just snared at me. that's lol.
  16. i work at a restraunt and was paying for my food at the end of my shift and when i pulled the money out of my pocket my bag came with it haha luckily none of the managers were around and everyone else is straight with it

  17. Mine is similar to this. Stupidly I brought my weed and pipe into school for a lunchtime toke. Well lunch comes and I head out to the football pitch for our quick session, we get their everything goes well and we head back to class and sure enough we get pult into principals office because our eyes were red as hell. So they take us out one by one to b searched and lucky me gets to go 1st, they tell me to empty my pockets onto a table and I do so everything except my left trouser pocket which had my phone pipe and weed. Principal see's the bulge in my pocket and said bring it out and I replyed it's only my phone and he insisted to see it so at this moment I'm thinking I show him my phone and the search will b over so I put my hand in my pocket grab the phone thinking I'm getting away scot free and my pipe and weed cameout with it:( got suspended and charged with possesion class b drug and drug paraphinelia
  18. Never pulled out a baggies but I remember my friends hitting me up once and I threw on some pants and headed over there. When we went to pay for our food I pulled out an open condom wrapper with the knows hanging out the edge along with my money......

    Back when I couldn't throw them in the trash and had to go to the dumpster because my parents would look through my trash and go crazy over me having sex at 17 -_-
  19. one time i was in a department store, and i lit up a joint in the checkout line
  20. i was in wawa high as anything, i got a drink and some food, went to go pay and insted of pulling out my debit card i pull out my weed and start to try and give her that, lmao after like 20 seconds of silence i realized oh shit thats not my debit card and put it back in my pocket then hand her the right thing. lmao good thing there wasnt a cop in the store lmao i would have been fucked

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