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Discussion in 'General' started by highawatha, Oct 8, 2001.

  1. when your driving and a cops behind you--doesnt matter if your high or not--your driving skills decrease by eh, well,...in my case about 70% :) well people it happened again the other day,....me driving along (not high), lalala after a while i notice a cop behind me (i say after a while because it took some time because my rearviewmirror fell off and just absolutley wont stick bback on ever again)..oh and lets just say "fell off" yea right i went into a store real quick like and wen i came out my mirror was sitting on the drivers bucket seat with my highly hated 24 airfreshner wrinkled up!...lol...
    lalala...oh yea driving..ok now im wondering if the cops noticed my mirror missing?..maybe sound like it could be a violation,next i start to notice i seem to have a really low right front tire that seems to be DRAGGING me to the shoulder, damn but its hard to stay in the lines when you notice how low a tires is.,,now im sure my coppers watching me pretty close. then the worst thing of all that could happpen Happened!!! it started to sprrinkle. it seems the motor on for the whipers need an adjustment and the whipers actually go OFFF THE JEEP, its very comical,.but im sure nOT to the cop behind me....so now im pretending like i got rainXn and praying it doesnt rain any harder (btw this whle time im cursing my husband a very good mechanic) im sure my whiper proplem is a nice violation also. oh and i mustnt forget the possessed brakelight..somtime it works somtimes it dont....im wondering if the cops noticing this...probably ANOTHER violation,. *sigh
    just when i thought i had to turn on the whipers, my pal turned off to go bother another innnocent person. so then i did turn on the whipers and laughed my butt off all the way home...fkedup windshild whipers are very embarassing :)
  2. i had myself a rabbit once that was a very mssedup drive..especially if it rained then it would messup all the wiring....the sad thing is i wish it was your old car :) this is just a case of paid for. warranty is expired. and little pieces of my $17,000 ride are falllin off...except my reviewmirror.I KNOW SOMEBODY PULLED IT OFF :) but i hold no grudges hehe.
  3. You can fix your rearview mirror real easy. If you can put in a new modem in your computer the mirror is a piece of cake. Wal Mart has a special glue to put the metal button back on the glass, and then after its dried you reattach the mirror to the metal button. If that doesn't work buy a replacement mirror and glue at the parts house and try to fix it that way.
  4. Everytime a cop gets behind me it's like I forget how to drive. Stoned or not!!! I just went through the windsheild wiper thing about a month ago. I saw an AUto Zone and pulled in and bought some new ones, mainly to get the cop off my ass!!


  5. lmao!!! pops whata think i am retarded?:rolleyes: of COURSE i did the walmart thing....it fell right off...so then i bought a new mirror and gluey crap, it also fell off within days...now the whole spot there after 4 different mirror jobs is a little messed up...but im workin on somthing...lol...im asamed of ya..i really am....lol
  6. youre insane dude lol ^^^
  7. Hahaha, yeah, Critter is up there post-whoring with that damn dancing smiley face. :D
  8. lol aah critter.
    an i forget all the stupid crap i write from time to time..we still own that jeep,
    ....he did finally get a mirror to stick but it still has messed up wiper blades....an now i notice ALOT of jeeps have messed up wiper blades.now that my husband drives it he at least got them to stay ON the windshield. but that whole buisness was really really REALLY embarassing...its right on up there with the sons new rap song....its uh,....vanilla ice
    i try and try to tell the kid "it just aint cool" but he thinks "ice ice baby" is new and way cool....darn whomever bought that kid "monsters of rap" <----way worse than "monsters of rock" now my 4yr old knows the whole "i like big butts" song..

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